Toddler Pillows

Many of us take for granted our favourite pillow as an aid to getting the best night’s sleep and not waking with a sore neck.  The same will be true of your child when they reach a certain age and at this point, you should buy them a toddler pillow.

What is a toddler pillow?

A toddler pillow is a special pillow designed for use by children as their first pillow.  It is the step up from the flat crib or other type of bed they have used up until now and a transition towards the normal pillows that they will use the rest of their lives.  They are specifically designed to have a low profile, be small and unobtrusive so that they provide support for the child without getting in the way.

As well as to start getting them used to adult ways of sleeping, some paediatricians recommend toddler pillows for some children.  This is most true for those that suffer with chronic ear infections or allergies as well as children that are prone to catching colds.

When to use

Children will have a different point when the introduction of a pillow is the right time for them along with other sleep related milestones such as using a blanket or not having a nighttime feed.  However, there are a few signs to watch for that may indicate that they are ready to give it a try.  These include being restless at night, particularly if they look as if their head position is causing them discomfort.  If they can move around in their sleep and keep their face open by repositioning, then they many also be ready to try a pillow.

Generally, most parents find that these signs start to occur when the child is around 18-24 months old, around the same time they are moved from a crib to a toddler bed.  Of course, like everything, each and every child will be different.

Make up of the pillow

There are similar considerations in selecting a toddler pillow as there are when picking a maternity pillow and they are different for each person.  Sometimes it can be a matter of trial and error.  However, some of the more common considerations are material and size.

When looking at the material that makes up the pillow, consider how soft it firstly as their gentle skin will be pressed against it.  If your child has shown any signs of allergies, make sure nothing in the material will aggravate the allergy.  Also, look to see if it is washable, as accidents are bound to happen.  The most common material is 100% cotton, either organic or non-organic.  The organic version will have no harmful toxins in, will not have used any bleaches in the manufacture and will not give off any gasses or dyes.

Toddler pillows tend to range in size from 12 inches to 18 inches so make sure you select one that fits inside their crib or bed.  Height is usually around an inch or two so they have a slightly elevated head but not too much and are a little like airline pillows.

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