Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow Reviews

Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat and kawa means river in Japanese. Originally, Sobakawa pillows were filled with buckwheat hulls that allowed for more air circulation and stayed cooler than traditional pillows. Buckwheat hulls as pillow filling have been used for centuries because buckwheat hulls are extremely durable and soft. Recently, buckwheat pillows  have emerged as a popular item because buckwheat hulls as organic products very rarely trigger allergic reactions or sensitivities.

When used as filling for pillows, buckwheat hulls work very well due to the small size of the hulls that allow for the shifting and shaping of the pillows to conform to body parts. Once the pillows are in a supportive position, the weight of the hull filling keeps the pillows in place.

Sobakawa pillows can be scrunched, poked and stuffed behind and under body parts that need additional support while still permitting air circulation. Buckwheat hulls are very durable and keep their strength for as long as ten years, which is as long as or longer than the life of any synthetic pillow material.  See what buckwheat hulls look like in your buckwheat pillow by going to Etsy.

Micro bead filling is being used as a well-liked alternative. Micro beads and buckwheat hulls produce a radically different cushion than feathers, polyester fiber or memory foam. Sobakawa pillow reviews find the pillows heavier, less fluffy and too small to support upright positions for reading or watching television because of their small size and their dense characteristic.

Pillows filled with micro beads have become more common and the pillow is available in a wider range of sizes and prices. Originally, the largest sized pillow was only 15 inches long. Today, the pillow comes in standard and queen size as well as the original 15 inch.

Many users say the standard and queen size pillows are still smaller than common standard and queen bed pillows. For those who suffer neck pain and stiffness from sleeping positions, this pillow consistently delivers pain relief and results in better sleep. Sleepers who prefer more height to their pillow have great success using it on top of a regular pillow which provides both height and support.

The Sobakawa Pillow has many applications beyond sleeping. The smaller sizes stuff into tote bags and brief cases for traveling or additional lumbar support at the office desk. For people with joint paint from arthritis or injury, it can be tucked under a sore limb keeping it bent for comfort and providing the tiny bit of elevation that will reduce stress on joints.

The pillows are ideal for pressure sores because they permit air flow. Many commuters keep a pillow in their car for lumbar support in the driver’s seat. To soothe inflammation, the pillows can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for a temporary cooling compress. Neither the micro bead filling nor the buckwheat hulls should ever be heated in a microwave or regular oven.

Sobakawa pillow reviews warn that the pillows are not appropriate for small children or infants due to risk of suffocation or possible escape of stuffing material due to rough treatment from pillow fights or other play. Both the micro beads and the buckwheat hulls could be a choking risk.

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