Queen Bed Dimensions

When it comes to buying a mattress, there are many features to consider, such as pillow top versus memory foam. Do you want a firm mattress or a softer place to land at night? Perhaps one of the most critical factors to consider is how much personal space you require. This actually can make the difference between a sound slumber and feeling refreshed the next day, or a night full of interruptions, and therefore, a groggy morning.

If you share a bed with someone on a regular basis, then whatever that person does in his sleep will affect the quality of your sleep, especially if there’s not enough room for the two of you. Rolling over? You feel it. Get up in the middle of the night? You sense it. Toss and turn? You become immediately aware.

So, if you need room to groove, consider a larger bed. At 60 inches (5 feet) wide and 80 inches long (more than 6.5 feet), queen bed dimensions fit a lot of couples more comfortably than a full-sized bed. The standard full is a good 6 inches narrower, and face it, that’s where you need the space, not so much down by your feet. Go up in size to a king, which is 16 inches wider than a queen, and you could end up feeling like you’re sleeping in separate beds.


But as noted above, there are many factors to consider when in the market for a mattress. Once you decide on the size that will fit both your sleeping behaviors and bedroom space, it’s time to think about the following:

• Mattress type: The most common is called innerspring, which is the basic traditional format. Other options include memory foam and inflatable, like the Sleep Number bed.

• Firmness: Forget the age-old advice that a bad back requires an extra firm mattress. Research has proven that to be false. Firmness comes down to personal preference; however, factor in age. Because skin loses elasticity after the age of 40, it becomes more sensitive to pressure points while lying down. If that’s you, check out a softer mattress.


Even if you want to take advantage of great deals you find online, test-drive a few models in person. It’s really important, though, that both people who will be sleeping on the mattress test them out together. Lie down for several minutes and in different sleeping positions. This will give you a much better perception as to how you’ll sleep once the mattress is back at home.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Inspiration Gel Memory Foam Mattress Set

This mattress is no ordinary memory foam bed. The unique OptiCool gel memory foam will keep you at a comfortable, cool sleeping temperature 12 times more effectively than other versions. The OptiSense characteristic snuggles up around your body shape for added comfort, while the OptiCore feature means firm footing toward the end of the bed, so sitting on the mattress doesn’t mean sinking into it


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