Microbead Pillows

Finding the right pillow for you is as individual of a decision as choosing your hair color. While you might look great as a blonde, someone else is stunning as a redhead.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that what works for one person will deliver the same results for another, and that’s true about pillows. Fortunately, there are a lot from which to choose:

  • Firm
  • Soft
  • Full-body
  • Neck
  • Memory Foam
  • Microbead

Each serves a purpose, but here, we look closely at the microbead pillow.

Microbeads are extra small (generally ranging between 0.3 – 0.8 mm in diameter), rounded polystyrene balls that are very similar to the kind used to fill bean bags. That may sound like an odd thing to stuff a pillow with, but there are some unique benefits to these pellet-like fillers:

• They move freely.

Traditional pillow filling tends to clump over time. Even the popular shredded Memory foam can congregate in certain spots, leaving others flat. Microbeads, however, quickly respond to any pressure placed on the pillow. To prove this, all you have to do is pinch the pillow with your fingertips and you’ll feel the beads disperse. Fans of these pillows insist this bead mobility offers more support.

• They are hypoallergenic

The beads themselves create an unfavorable environment for mold, mildew and bacteria, so there is little to no buildup of allergens to trigger a sneezing attack during the middle of the night. What’s more, tests show that the beads are not a regular menu item for dust mites.

• They allow airflow

Try to imagine a tower of little beads. Even when you pack them as tightly as you can, there will always be air pockets surrounding every bead because that’s the nature of compiling a bunch of spheres together. This is good news for pillows. When air can move freely about, the pillow tends to stay cooler and drier, which means you should sleep more comfortably. Also, most of these pillow styles feature covers made from spandex or Lycra, which are soft fabrics that have a high breathability nature.


Here are a few other interesting facts about this category of pillows

• Microbead pillows tend to be firmer, and for some people, that brings relief from neck, shoulder and back pain. Look for a medical-grade version if you want the most therapeutic value.

• Prices generally stay below $40.

• There are smaller varieties that are convenient for traveling.

• They may give an off-gassing odor at first, but it should diminish after a little while.

• They should not be machine-washed because the beads could be damaged. Rather, it’s recommended owners spot clean the material and lay the pillow flat to dry thoroughly.

World’s Best Air Soft Microbeads Tube Pillow, Charcoal

Slip this log-shaped pillow under your neck while sleeping, watching television or on long trips and your neck, jaw and shoulders will thank you. The air-soft microbeads feel ultra soft, but the firm support is what you’ll appreciate most.


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