Cheap Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be used in the bedroom, living room or any room with chairs or sofas to add something to the room.  Cheap throw pillows have the added advantage of not costing a fortune so they can be a quick and inexpensive way to personalise a room or add a splash of colour.

Decorative White Sequins Daisy Floral Throw Pillow COVER 18″ Natural Creative Solid Decorative Pillows / Throw Pillows 12 by 18 – Aqua ElleWeiDeco Openwork Embroidery Blue Throw Pillow Cover (one side) 18”

The traditional look

The traditional approach to throw pillows is in pairs: either one or two pairs arranged on either side of a sofa or across a bed, giving a sense of symmetry and balance.  The size of the pillows depends on the size of the bed or sofa you are putting them on but typically, aim for eye-pleasing proportions.

Classic materials include velvet and silk while layering different textures or patterns works well.  You can even combine paisleys and floral patterns if they look good together though often a pattern and a plain pair will seem the most harmonious.  Alternatively, go for a complicated plaid that has really big flowers on them but use just two or three colours.

Product Idea: Decorative White Sequins Daisy Floral Throw Pillow COVER 18″ Natural

This pillow features a beautiful white daisy floral pattern accented with white sequins against a natural coloured background for an elegant and simple design.  It has a hidden zipper so the pillow inside can be easily changed and can be spot cleaned.

Use a couple of these pillows alongside a pair of plain white or natural coloured ones.

The modern way

The modern interior design tips for throw pillows start with using odd numbers: go for three or five instead of pairs.  It also suggests using just a few larger pillows than lots of smaller ones that can make the bed or sofa look full.

If you go for the few large pillows idea, they should be around 18 to 24inches in size so they either boldly show off their colour or have patterns that can be easily seen.  Oblongs are popular at the moment.

Fabrics such as cotton and linen are recommended for modern settings as well as limiting the colour palette involved and favour large geometric prints.  Alternatively use them as a piece of artwork in the room with lots of colours and a big size.

Product Idea: Creative Solid Decorative Pillows / Throw Pillows 12 by 18 – Aqua

This pillow is 12 inches by 18 inches and comes in a staggering eighteen different colour options.  They are made from 100% polyester with a zipper closure so can be washed in the washing machine on a cold wash.

Throw a couple of these with two patterned aqua ones behind and a perhaps a smaller, delicately patterned one in front of them.

Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is all about casual; as if things just happened so neat pairs of pillows are out.  Instead go for odd numbers and avoid looking cluttered, for example two pillows at one end of a sofa and one matching one of these at the other.

Select pillows of a similar size to one another and usually around 18-24 inches in side as the largest one.  Pick different fabrics but not too much and make sure there is at least one common colour theme to all of them to give a sense of unity.

Product Idea: ElleWeiDeco Openwork Embroidery Blue Throw Pillow Cover (one side) 18”

This pillow is 18inches square and features embroidery on one side and plain solid colour on the other.  It is available in blue, turquoise, pink and orange and has a hidden zipper for ease of changing pillow.

Use this pillow as the ‘one’ alongside a couple of plain blue pillows.

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