Heads Up

You’ve been sitting on a plane for an hour or more and you close your eyes for just a moment. Then you feel that telltale jerk of your neck that notifies you and everyone around you that you fell asleep. Of course, that’s no big deal as airline passengers fall asleep for thousand of miles every day, but to your neck, it’s a very big deal. Even if you’ve only been snoozing for a few minutes, drooping your head down or to the side can leave your neck muscles tweaked and make the rest of the flight miserable.

The tight confines of an airplane—bus, train or automobile—seat make finding a comfortable position challenging as it is, but they can be particularly difficult for the neck. Most seats are not ergonomically designed to support the neck for long periods, but that’s exactly what you need. After a while, your neck muscles can fatigue. And if you do lean to your side for a quick nap, you run the chance of kinking the muscles. A travel pillow offers you a little extra support and comfort.

Individualized Support
Of course, you can always grab the pillow off your bed to use on the plane or in a car; however, these are usually too large and can make the situation more uncomfortable. The majority of airlines offer passengers pillows and blankets, but some companies have begun charging a fee for them (you do get to keep them after the flight). Also, there’s no guarantee this little pillow will provide you with the support you need and want.

Instead, consider bringing your own travel pillow. Most of these resemble a “U” or cervical collar shape instead of the rectangular bed pillow. This design is meant to take over some of the neck’s duty, such as absorbing the weight of the head while keeping the neck vertebrae in line, especially when the head starts to feel heavy when dozing off. The support also helps alleviate stress and strain on the jaw.

Recently, manufacturers have produced a variety of different designs that look like dumbbells, a comma, or even an airbag.

Also, you have a choice of different fillings:

• Air-Filled
Inflatable pillows allow you to fill it as full or as soft as you like for a personalized effect. Many of these designs attach to the headrest of car or plane seats instead of wrapping around your neck.

• Foam-Filled
Substances like Memory Foam offer firm support but also enough cushion to feel comfortable during a long trip.

• Microbeads
Squish this type of pillow and you’ll feel the tiny beads between your fingertips. The benefit of this filling is that, as you relax your head into it, the individual beads will move and reposition themselves to fill out other areas where the support is needed most.

• Polyester Pellets
These are slightly larger than the microbeads, but work in much the same manner.

For a better look at different types of travel pillows, check out https://www.bestpillowguide.org/best-travel-pillow.

How To Clean Pillows

Unless you want to regularly throw away your pillows and buy new ones, knowing how to clean pillows is an important piece of information.  The first step towards this is known what type of pillow you have, as different types of pillows have different cleaning methods.  Here are some tips for the most popular types.

Down and fibre filled pillows

Clean pillowWith both down and fibre filled pillows, most of them can be washed in the washing machine.  The pillow itself will have a label telling you exactly what temperature and type of wash can be used for the best results but if for some reason the tag is no longer legible, then the best bet is to go for a gentle cycle.   Either put two pillows in at a time to keep the washer balanced or using a front or top-loading machine without an agitator.  If you only have a washer with an agitator, then load the pillows in vertically to reduce the change of them being wrapped around it and damaged.

As well as using a gentle wash, it is also a good idea to use an extra-cold rinse and an extra spin.  If you tumble dry pillows, do it on a low heat and fluff and turn them frequently.  Good Homekeeping’s Research Institute also recommend adding a couple of rubber dryer balls to help maintain the pillows fluffiness and stop it clumping up when drying.

Foam pillows

Foam pillows can’t be washed in the washing machine because the heat will ruin them.  However many have a removable cover and this will be washable as per the instructions on the label.  A good way to freshen up a foam pillow is to give it a good vacuum using an upholstery tool.  Dial the suction level down a bit if needed so you aren’t fighting with the pillow vanishing up the tube.  Another option is if you have a no heat or air-only cycle on a tumble dryer, then you can put the pillow in this for around 20 minutes to freshen it up.  You can use spot cleaner on areas or bathe it with a damp cloth then leave to air dry before putting it back on the bed.

Some foam pillows have instructions for hand washing and if this is the case, make sure you do it very gently.  Wet foam can rip easily so cleaning gently is important.  If your pillow doesn’t have a liner, then consider getting one as this considerably lengthens the life of the pillow.

Decorative pillows

Bed pillows aren’t the only ones that can need a freshen up – decorative pillows from the living room can easily get stained and dirty.  Again, reading the label is the first step because everything should have instructions on it as to whether you can machine wash it or not.  With many of the colourful and patterned outer pillowcases, these will require hand washing due to the delicate or fancy nature of the materials used.  Hand washing also allows you to make sure there is no damage caused to embellishments or frills that might otherwise be caught up in a washer and could be ruined.

The actual pillow itself will be washable in the same way as a bed pillow, dependant on the type of filler used.

Bed bugs

Everyone dreads discovering they have an infestation of bed bugs but unfortunately the horrible little menaces are on the rise, no matter how clean and tidy you are.  Therefore it never hurts to know what to do to kill them should the worst happen and you find you have the most unpleasant house guests.

Pillows are one of the favourite havens of bed bugs but their presence can be spotted quite easily.  Look for tiny dark spots that are bug droppings as well as a sweet, musty scent that marks their presence.  Getting the pillows and bedding into the washing machine is the first step, usually on as hot a wash as possible without damaging them.  But don’t forget, these little devils also hide in the mattress and other crevices so make sure you put a comprehensive clean-out into place to avoid them moving back into the pillows when you return them to the bed.

What Is Goose Down?

When shopping for a pillow, one has many options to consider.  For those who desire a soft pillow, goose down pillows are the way to go.  In this article we’ll talk about what you need to consider when choosing a goose down pillow.

What’s in the pillow?

Goose downJust what is down exactly?  Down feathers are the feathers found underneath the tougher exterior feathers of a bird.  Younger birds are covered in down feathers, as they have not had time to form tougher feathers.  Down feathers have a natural insulating property, and are used by birds for this reason.  Down feathers on birds contribute to helping them regulate their body temperature, and also to increase their buoyancy in water.

Because of their useful qualities, down feathers have been harvested and cultivated by humans for centuries.  In documents dating back to the 1600’s Russian merchants were recorded as selling “bird down” for the purposes of insulation.  As the years have gone on, they have become used in everything from jackets to sleeping bags.  The latest iteration of down products are down pillows.  Down is harvested in a variety of ways, but the most common way it is harvested is by removing the feathers from the bird post mortem.  Often times the feathers are removed from the birds while they are living, which has been denounced by animal welfare groups.  Check with the manufacturer of the product you are using to see how the feathers are collected before purchasing.

Why choose goose down?

So after all this, why is goose down a good filling for a pillow?  There are a variety of reasons.  To begin with, goose down pillows are extra lightweight, and extremely soft.  For people who enjoy a softer pillow and less firm, a goose down pillow is perfect.  Also, because they pack down easily, they make the perfect pillow for travellers and those who move around a lot.  They are also very quiet, so moving around at night won’t wake you or your significant other.  While there are a lot of plusses, however, there are also a lot of minuses.  For starters, goose down is very insulating.  It retains heat well.  This can be good for cold winters, but for those who like a cool pillow, it can be miserable in the summer.  Because goose down pillows are so soft, they don’t offer a whole lot of loft or support.  Those with back or neck problems will not fare well with them.  Goose down pillows also slowly lose their plumage, meaning they won’t last forever.  Coupled with their pricey initial cost, this can be a no-go for people on a budget.

When looking for down pillows, look to see what the pillow’s stuffing content is.  Products labeled as “100% goose down” will include only goose down, and nothing else.  These are the most packable pillows, but also the least supportive.  Products labeled as “goose down” generally contain around 90% goose down, and 10% other feathers.  These products will have more supportive regular feathers in the mix, that will give a little more loft to the final product.  Pillows labeled as simply “down” will be a mix of both feathers and fibers.

What are Euro Pillows?

Euro pillows are a type of pillow also known as a Euro or European sham pillow and are typically larger than the normal types of pillow.  They are used mostly as decorative pillows that are added to the bed then removed before sleeping.

Pillow sizes

Normally, pillows come in three sizes in most bedding sets; standard, queen and king.  The standard pillow is 20 x 26inches, the queen is 20 x 30inches and the king is 20 x 36 inches, making them all rectangular.  Euro pillows are square in shape and typically measure around 26 x 26 inches so are often referred to as square pillows.

How to use Euro pillows

Euro pillowsLike any decorative element, there are plenty of different ways to use them only limited by your imagination and your space.  However, here are a few ideas of how to arrange Euro pillows to get the best from them.

One idea is to use around five different pillows and stand them in front of the headboard.  Typically, the largest ones will be at the back, with rectangular ones in the middle and smaller Euro pillows at the front.  Often the back pillows will be plain in colour with the front two rows being patterned or coloured in keeping with the room décor.

If you don’t want to keep moving the pillows you sleep on, you could do a standing and stacked mix.  This would mean leaving your sleeping pillows in their normal place then standing some decorative pillows in front of them.  A typical arrangement may be three Euro pillows with a single, long and narrow decorative pillow, called a rolled pillow, at the front.

Another use of Euro and rolled pillows is to have a pair of rolled pillows at the back of the display, your sleeping pillows next, two or three Euro pillows then another rolled pillow at the front.  By having a single patterned Euro pillow behind a plain rolled pillow then white normal pillows behind this can highlight the colour or pattern you have chosen.

Of course, there doesn’t have to be order and function to the design; take a load of coordinating pillow and throw them on the bed for a random look that will be different every day.  Aim to have the most colourful pillow near the centre of the pile to bring out the match to your décor and don’t have too many patterns going on to avoid losing the impact of any one variation.


Usually, people choose not to sleep on Euro pillows and use them as a decorative piece.  This may because often the pillowcases provided with them tend to be more decorative and not so much the comfort option.  However, there is no reason that a Euro pillow can’t be used as a sleeping pillow just as easily.  Plain pillowcases are available in their specific size and, if nothing else, you could always turn your hand to a little sewing and make yourself some bespoke covers for them.

Toddler Pillows

Many of us take for granted our favourite pillow as an aid to getting the best night’s sleep and not waking with a sore neck.  The same will be true of your child when they reach a certain age and at this point, you should buy them a toddler pillow.

What is a toddler pillow?

Toddler PillowA toddler pillow is a special pillow designed for use by children as their first pillow.  It is the step up from the flat crib or other type of bed they have used up until now and a transition towards the normal pillows that they will use the rest of their lives.  They are specifically designed to have a low profile, be small and unobtrusive so that they provide support for the child without getting in the way.

As well as to start getting them used to adult ways of sleeping, some paediatricians recommend toddler pillows for some children.  This is most true for those that suffer with chronic ear infections or allergies as well as children that are prone to catching colds.

When to use

Children will have a different point when the introduction of a pillow is the right time for them along with other sleep related milestones such as using a blanket or not having a nighttime feed.  However, there are a few signs to watch for that may indicate that they are ready to give it a try.  These include being restless at night, particularly if they look as if their head position is causing them discomfort.  If they can move around in their sleep and keep their face open by repositioning, then they many also be ready to try a pillow.

Generally, most parents find that these signs start to occur when the child is around 18-24 months old, around the same time they are moved from a crib to a toddler bed.  Of course, like everything, each and every child will be different.

Make up of the pillow

There are similar considerations in selecting a toddler pillow as there are when picking a maternity pillow and they are different for each person.  Sometimes it can be a matter of trial and error.  However, some of the more common considerations are material and size.

When looking at the material that makes up the pillow, consider how soft it firstly as their gentle skin will be pressed against it.  If your child has shown any signs of allergies, make sure nothing in the material will aggravate the allergy.  Also, look to see if it is washable, as accidents are bound to happen.  The most common material is 100% cotton, either organic or non-organic.  The organic version will have no harmful toxins in, will not have used any bleaches in the manufacture and will not give off any gasses or dyes.

Toddler pillows tend to range in size from 12 inches to 18 inches so make sure you select one that fits inside their crib or bed.  Height is usually around an inch or two so they have a slightly elevated head but not too much and are a little like airline pillows.

Best Wedge Pillow

Many people think that they can substitute any group of pillows for a pillow wedge or even just use a box. That’s not the case at all. There are many benefits for find and using the best pillow wedge for your exact situation. For instance, one of the uses for using a pillow wedge is acid reflux. Usually, people who get acid reflux at night, get it from having their stomach be lower than their head at night. What ends up happening is that the acid from their stomach travels toward their mouth and then acid reflux happens. It’s a pretty simple issue to fix. You just need to elevate your head.

Many people try to do this by buying another pillow and sleeping with two pillows instead of one. This works for a little while, and then the pillow goes flat. With a pillow wedge, you can place the wedge under you head and it will never go flat. Types of situations like solving acid reflux and hip, knee, and leg pain can all go away with a simple pillow wedge.

What’s The Top Wedge Pillow?

The question becomes, “what’s the best pillow wedge”? There are many different kinds of wedge pillows. The thing that matters most with a pillow wedge is the angle of the wedge itself. You can buy adjustable height pillow wedges, but they tend to be less comfortable and more expensive than their alternatives. Additionally, most people will only need to sleep with one pillow wedge and once they find the right size pillow wedge they’re good to go.

Our Choices

Top-End Wedge
Top Middle-Class
Wedge Pillow
Top Economical
Wedge Pillow


What’s Your Condition?

The key to finding the best pillow wedge for yourself is to figure out what kind of condition you are trying to fix. There are many different kinds of “wedge pillows” that exist. When you go to the store, you’ll find that pretty much any sort of pillow that is firm and has any sort of shape to it will be labeled as a wedge pillow. There are special pillows that offer neck support, knee support, lumbar (or spine) support, and contour pillows. If you have shoulder problems, there are also specific pillows for those problems too. The key is to figure out what kind of problem you’re having and then to go look for the type of wedge pillow you need to solve it. Many times people just buy a random wedge pillow, not realizing that there are specific shaped pillows designed to solve specific problems.

When looking for the best wedge pillow for you, after determining the reason why you’re buying a wedge pillow, you’ll want to make sure the pillow you choose comes with a cover, or is otherwise easy to clean. Due to the shape and size of most wedge pillows, cleaning them can be a bit difficult. If they don’t come with a cover, they’ll get dirty rather quickly and will need to be cleaned.



Best Pillow Guide

The Best Pillow Guide

Pillows are something most people rarely think about until their neck starts to hurt or their shoulders feel stiff. The rest of the time they are generally crumpled up, folded under the head, flipped over to find the cooler side or unceremoniously tossed on the floor. However, a good night’s sleep is often reliant on having the right pillow for your sleep style. Here are some of the best pillow reviews to help find the right one for you.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Most obstetricians suggest their pregnant patients sleep on their side. It helps to prevent pressure from being placed on the spine, as back-sleeping would, and promotes good blood flow. It is important to have support under your growing belly for complete comfort. There are maternity pillows designed to meet this specific need. However, a less expensive, yet equally functional option is a body pillow. Body pillows are long thin pillows found in most department stores. They are typically the same width and thickness as a bed pillow, but are usually four to five feet long. These pillows allow you to prop up your belly and still have plenty of pillow left to place between your knees. This is important because it allows your back to be better aligned and helps to prevent backaches.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Oxygen promoting pillows and water pillows are frequently noted by doctors as something which can help to relieve pain. These types of pillows may be impossible to find anywhere besides a medical supply shop or specialty store, but for those who need them, they say they are worth the extra effort.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are loved by many because they combine firmness with a soft pillow. They are known for their ability to help relieve headaches and backaches often associated with other types of pillows. They never clump or wear down. However, they come in one thickness and may be considered by some to be too firm. They can also be too warm and emit chemical smells.

Best Travel Pillow

Purchasing the best travel pillow depends on what part of the trip you are using it for. If you are looking for a pillow to use on the plane, a u-shaped neck support pillow is the answer. If you want something you can pack to use at the hotel, choose a compressible pillow. These pillows can be flattened down to make packing a breeze and then fluff up when you are ready to sleep. They are available in multiple sizes, but not firmness. They are perfect for campers and backpackers because they are exceptionally lightweight and are washable.

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach you will need to find a pillow as thin as possible. You may even consider going without one for your head entirely. Stomach sleepers often suffer from lower back pain. This can often be avoided by using their pillow under their stomachs, rather than their heads. This straightens the spine and prevents the arching which can lead to backache.

Best Pillow for Back SleepersBest Pillow Guide

Experts generally recommend a thin pillow for back sleepers. These pillows prevent the neck from being pushed too far forward. Ergonomically designed pillows which rise at the bottom to cradle the neck are advised.

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side choose as firm a pillow as possible. It is important to find something which fills the gap between your chin and shoulder. This will prevent neck pain due to sleeping at an awkward angle.

The importance of finding the right pillow should not be underestimated. It can affect your sleep quality, your neck and back health and more. Since your overall general health is reliant upon you getting the sleep you need, your pillow may be one of the most important health choices you make and finding the best pillow reviews will help you discover the best.

Chillow Pillow Reviews

Many people spend their nights tossing and turning, flipping their pillows over in an attempt to find the cool side. Whether it is a hot flash, a fever, a muggy summer night, or you just always get warm in your sleep, it can be tough to feel rested when your temperature is constantly waking you up. This is where the Chillow Pillow comes in handy. As the name alludes to, it is a chilled pad that can be slipped inside a pillow case to offer relief to people who get warm overnight. If you face discomfort at night because of your temperature, then this pillow may be just what you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Let’s be honest, at some point, we have all experienced a hot, uncomfortable night. Think about those nights in July after a 95 degree day when there are not enough fans in the world to cool off your bedroom. The Chillow Pillow can offer you a cool oasis so you can get the sleep that you deserve! Are you the type of person who is always kicking off the covers because you just feel too warm when you sleep? It will help you to sleep like a baby all through the night because you will not have the chance to overheat! Not feeling well and trying to break a fever? It’s the pillow that will bring that temp down in record time while making you feel more comfortable so you can get the rest that you need! Definitely a great investment!

Chillow Pillow Reviews
Chillow Pillow is a good choice for staying cool at night.

Anyone can slip an ice pack into their pillow case when they need a blast of cold, but that can be messy, bulky, and uncomfortable. The last thing you want is the ice to melt and soak your pillows, or for the ice pack to be so uncomfortable that you lose even more sleep. That is why we find it amazing.  It is actually made from memory foam that stays cool with the help of Soothe Soft technology. This unique kind of technology allows water to circulate through the pillow continuously, never allowing it to become warm. Many people state that it really does stay cool all night! You will get the coolest, best sleep of your life!

Chillow Cooling Pillow reviews have been mixed, but according to the customers, if you follow the directions, it works great. This truly is a spectacular investment. When you have your pillow, you will be instructed to add water to activate the cooling technology within the pillow. If you are not careful, this can be messy, but take your time and you will do just fine. Also, be sure not to overfill it to prevent any messes or leaking. Chillow Pillow reviews also suggest that you make sure not to allow the Chillow Pillow to wrinkle up and fold over itself. This might make it feel lumpy and uncomfortable, so always be sure to keep the pillow as flat as possible to ensure the maximum amount of comfort. As with any product, there are going to be some people who are not entirely satisfied, but this pillow is a great product as long as it is used correctly.

If you are looking for comfortable coolness at night, look no further. This is the best option out there, and it really works!

Best Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are made of material invented by NASA during the 1960’s space race. NASA developed a polyurethane material that molded to the user’s body then returned to its shape after extended use. This type of feature translated well into making memory foam pillows. These cushions provide superb support for individuals with back and neck pain. Memory foam responds to body heat and pressure by molding itself to the individual, then returning to the original shape when the heat and pressure disappear.

These pillows tend to resist dust mites giving them an advantage over traditional fill pillows. They are hypoallergenic and have anti-microbial features as well. Here is a great source of resources for selecting the best memory foam pillow.


#1 Memory Foam Pillow Pick


What Are The Advantages?

  • Many users say this type of pillow will reduce sleep apnea and snoring. This can be welcome news for a spouse or partner. A normal fill pillow will tilt the head upward and forward. This can close the air passages at the top of the neck. The memory foam fits the shape of the neck. By using a memory foam pillow for this particular health concern, the air passages remain open. This prevents snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Using a Memory Foam Pillow promotes the normal curvature of the spine. While regular contour pillows are preshaped to match the natural curves of the spine and neck, a memory foam pillow has an added advantage. The custom curve that results from the best memory foam pillow cradles the neck and reduces soreness.
  • It alleviates key pressure points. The foam curves around the contours of the body and supports each pressure point equally. Both the curve of the neck and the top of the spine receive evenly distributed support. This will reduce numbness caused by stressed nerve endings that sometimes result from regular fill pillows and ill fitting mattresses.
  • Memory foam pillows provide the consumer an opportunity to try the material prior to purchasing a foam mattress. Foam mattresses represent a significant investment. In addition, the best memory foam pillow will have a longer life than traditional pillows.
  • Those who suffer from allergies will gain considerable relief by switching to a memory foam pillow. Down and feathers provide the perfect hothouse environment for dust mites and other allergens. Memory foam resists mites and allergens.
  • Memory foam pillows will complement a traditional spring mattress. Many users may find they have no need to invest in a new mattress once they have tried a memory foam pillow. New mattresses can be extremely expensive. Frequently, a consumer will obtain all the best benefits of memory foam with just the pillow.

Memory foam pillows come in a wide variety of types and shapes. Which type is best suited to the individual user depends upon his or her needs. The pillows come in the following styles: contour, neck roll, egg crate, V-shaped, wedge shaped and a traditional pillow shape. In addition, the items can come in two types of foam: low density and high density. There is a style to address any health need.

A memory foam pillow is a welcome addition to the bedroom for anyone who suffers from sore necks and aching backs. They pillows promote restful sleep by supporting the neck, head and back. Believers in memory foam pillows will advocate their use as an antidote to everything from snoring and sleep apnea to heartburn. These items are easy to care for. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. These pillows provide the quintessential comfort to reduce aches and pains and produce a good night’s sleep.

Best Down Pillows For Sleeping

You don’t have to read statistics to know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your physical health. You can function more effectively and simply find yourself in a more positive, upbeat mood following a night when you slept well. If you are not sleeping well and waking up feeling rested and revitalized, a solution to that dilemma could be as simple as finding the best pillow for your sleeping style. For many, the best down pillows for sleeping provide that extra amount of warmth and comfort necessary to assure a comfortable night’s sleep that result in a pleasant beginning to each day.

Before you rush out to purchase a down pillow, you need to determine what are the best pillows for your body type and your sleeping style. Take time to consider what you need the pillow to do for you. You may want a pillow that conforms to your body or prefer one that offers support. Your sleeping position is a major deciding factor when choosing a down pillow. The following guidelines and descriptions are generalities that can help you choose a pillow that is best for you.

Best Down Pillows Guide

BrandThread CountRatingPrice
Pinzon Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Firm Density White Down Queen Pillow4003.7$$$
Down Etc Diamond Support Duck Down Queen Feather Pillow, White2354.5$$
Down Etc 75-Percent White Goose Feathers Hypoallergenic Queen Pillow, White2353.9$$
Queen Size White Goose Feather and Goose Down Pillows - Set of 22334.1$
King Size White Goose Feather and Goose Down Pillows - Set of 2 - 400tc - Made in USA - Exclusively for Blowout Bedding4004.4$
12'' x 20'' Feather/Down Pillow Form White By The Each2304.4$
Manchester Mills Down Dreams Standard Pillow Set (2 Pillows)2334.4$$$
Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow - 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton , King Size, Soft, Set of 212004.9$$$

Stomach sleepers generally find a soft density down pillow provides the comfort they need. Sleeping on your stomach can ease lower back pain. That particular sleep position also requires comfortable neck and head support.

If you prefer the spine support that comes from sleeping on your back, a medium density down pillow may be best for you. Achieving balance and assisting in the alignment of internal organs are two of the benefits derived from sleeping on your back.

If you are a snorer, sleeping on your side may provide some relief from breathing difficulties that contribute to your snoring. A firm down pillow can provide the neck and head support you need to achieve maximum comfort when sleeping on your side.

When you’re searching for the best down pillows, especially if you are a side sleeper, you might want to consider adding a down body pillow to your bedding. Body pillows can relieve pressure from the spine, back and hips. They are great for pregnant women. A body pillow can be a luxury you give yourself.

When you begin your search for the best down pillows available, you may encounter some terms that are unfamiliar to you. It is important that you read product descriptions carefully so that you do not mistakenly purchase feather pillows as opposed to down-filled pillows. The feathers on the underside of ducks or geese are used in down pillows. They provide warmth for the birds and will do the same for you. They are not sharp like the larger feathers.

Fill power may also be a term you are not familiar with. Fill power represents the quality and the durability of a down pillow. For example a 600 fill power describes a standard down pillow, while a 800 fill power indicates a high quality pillow that will retain its firmness for a longer period of time than a pillow with a lower fill number.

You may also see the term pillow shell when you shop for a down pillow. The shell is a covering that protects the pillow from skin oil and dust that can find its way into the pillow. Once you’ve decided to invest in a down pillow, purchasing a dual shell will offer maximum protection for your pillow. One other descriptive detail to take note of is the actual percentage of down that is in the pillow. An exquisite addition to your bedding ensemble would be a luxurious, comfortable 100% goose down pillow.