Buckwheat Pillow Review

With today’s advances in technology, there are a variety of pillow stuffing materials on the market.  Memory foam, down feathers, and gel are all used when stuffing a pillow to give the user maximum comfort.  Buckwheat pillows are part of this tradition.  Buckwheat pillows are used for their superior support, and ability to conform to the users head.  They tend to be more firm and held the body maintain proper posture.  In this article we will discuss the benefits and downsides to buckwheat pillows, and why you should consider one when looking for your next pillow purchase.

Believe it or not, buckwheat pillows were first developed in Asia.  They used these pillows for hundreds of years before western cultures began using them.  Buckwheat is a fruit that is closely related to rhubarbs.  The hulls of the fruit are harvested, roasted to remove dust, and then used in pillows.  Because of the nature of the buckwheat hulls, they are a renewable resource.  Instead of being processed from petroleum like other pillow stuffings, they are biodegradable and green.  If one is looking to make an environmentally conscious purchase, a buckwheat pillow is a good choice.


The primary advantage of buckwheat pillows is the comfort they provide.  Buckwheat bends and conforms to the shape of the user’s head.  Heath professionals for this reason often recommend buckwheat pillows.  Chiropractors will recommend buckwheat mattresses to those suffering from back problems.   Because of the nature of being stuffed with the hulls, buckwheat also offers superior temperature control for a pillow.   Gone are the days of a warm pillow in the summer.  Because of the popularity of buckwheat pillows, a whole range of other products have been produced featuring buckwheat as stuffing.  Futons, wrist wrests, and yoga mats are all made out of buckwheat because of the superior temperature control and comfort.  Because of the nature of using hulls as filling, it is possible to sort of “adjust” the pillow to fit any height you desire, to better fit your head.  Adding or taking out hulls will change the overall shape of the pillow, helping it fit your head and spine’s needs better.

Original Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow Sized 20" x 15"

One of the big advantages of buckwheat pillows is their longevity.  A quality buckwheat pillow that is properly cared for can easily last you anywhere from 7 to 10 years!  Because most people tend to stick with the same pillow for years even after they have worn out, this can be handy.  The pillow cover needs to be washed regularly, but the pillow itself does not need to be washed.  Simply set the pillow out in direct sunlight every few months or so to kill the bacteria.  If the pillow itself gets dirty, you can wet a rag and gently wipe off the surface of the pillow.  Be sure to not get water in the hulls, as it can be a little hard to get out.  Water stuck inside the pillow can eventually form mold and mildew.


There are a few downsides to buckwheat pillows.  Some people report that the pillows are a little too small, or a little too flimsy.  Some people also report a slight odor, but not everyone.  Because the amount of fill must be adjusted, some people simply don’t like dealing with them, and just want a one-size fits all pillow.  If those sound like it could be you, it may be a good idea to look into alternate pillow styles.  There are a few options on the table if a buckwheat pillow isn’t for you.  Feather pillows are the most classic kind of pillow, and provide no nonsense comfort.  They also tend to be cheaper.  Memory foam is one of the better-known luxury pillows, which conforms and contrasts to the body’s shape.  Down pillows are like feather pillows, only they are made of goose down.  These pillows are especially insulating, and provide warmth that is useful in the winter months.  Micro bead pillows are constructed of small and tiny beads, and provide very firm support for the head.  Polyester pillows are stuffed with synthetic polyester fiber, and offer good overall support.  Finally, there are waters pillows.  Water pillows offer superior support, at the cost of being a little heavy and unwieldy.

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