Body Pillow Reviews

There could be a lot of reasons why you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep all night. Maybe you’re stressed. Maybe you had too much caffeine. Maybe you’re pregnant. Or maybe you just can’t get and stay comfortable.

What’s the answer? If you’re stressed, try some meditative yoga poses before bed. Too much caffeine? Switch from sodas, coffee or tea to water in early afternoon. If you’re pregnant or simply cannot find a comfortable position, try snuggling up to a body pillow.

Pillow Particulars

Body pillows are just that: A pillow for your entire body. And just like there are different body types, there are different types of pillows.

• Straight pillow

This straightforward design looks like an oversized regular bed pillow. Depending on the size of product, it could run from your head to your knees or all the way down to your ankles. These are wonderful for snuggling up to or providing support between knees or ankles so they don’t “knock” together in the middle of the night.

• C pillow

The C pillow is a curved design, and is intended to fit under your head as well as your body. It works well for side sleepers, but supports just one side at a time. If you roll over, you’ll either lose that cushion or you have to take the pillow with you.

• U pillow

A U pillow is a unique encircling form in which you place yourself in the middle. This one works well with people who move a lot in their sleep because you’re cushioned from all angles, and rolling over just means you switch sides of the pillow. Also, it provides head support and typically runs the full length of an average-size adult.

Featured Highlights

Body pillow supporters claim these creations help alleviate a handful of sleep disturbances, including:

• Back strain/discomfort

• Pregnancy

• Pressure point pain

Here’s why:

• The pillows provide height so you can find a position to better support your neck and spine in a more natural form.

• The further you get into pregnancy, the more difficult it is to find a comfortable position so you can sleep. The weight of the baby is probably the biggest reason for your discomfort. By placing the pregnant belly on a body pillow, you’re helping to create a more restful balance.

• When pressure is more evenly distributed and not concentrated at the pressure points, then logic has it that one’s relaxation should improve, too.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

This is the No. 1 maternity pillow on The full-body c-shape design was developed and patented by a registered nurse–and mom–to help support growing bellies without upping the body heat factor.


Feathersoft by Casual Living Supersoft and Lofty Oversized Sherpa Body Pillow, Purple

At 4-1/2 feet long, this pillow accommodates most adults who want to lean against an extra soft cushion while snoozing. The Sherpa poly fleece is so soft to the touch that it immediately signals your body to start relaxing.


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