Best Travel Pillow

Traveling is not easy for anyone. Quite contrarily, travel often leads to body aches and pains that can ruin the entire trip. Having to sit in one place, whether it is a car, plane, or train, can wreak havoc on the neck, head, shoulders, and back. Luckily, there are multiple options to keep a passenger at ease while he or she awaits arrival to the destination.

The best way to combat traveler’s fatigue is finding the best travel pillow for you. These pillows give travelers the comfort they need while on the road. However, not all pillows are created equally. Some are made for those with severe neck pain. Other are made for those with high sensitivity to allergens. Because of the wide variety of needs, the best travel pillow is not the same for every person.

What Is The Best Pillow for Long Flights?

For some, being in the air is like being in jail. They are placed in one position, in one spot, for hours at a time. For many, the best way to get through a flight is to sleep, but how can one sleep while sitting up? Pillows like the Skyrest Travel Pillow rest on the passenger’s lap, letting him or her lean forward as they sleep comfortably.

Our Top Travel Pillow Picks

Best Inflatable Travel Pillow

Inflatable travel pillows are perfect for those who want to have a travel pillow on hand but may not need it at all times. However, with the Travelrest, travelers may find themselves keeping it inflated for constant use. This pillow allows individuals to lean against a soft pillow that is firmly held in place by the car or plane seat rather than the neck. This is a great choice for those who do not like pillows wrapped around their heads.

Best Travel Pillow for Children

As any parent can attest, kids need relaxation too. Unfortunately, many travel pillows are made for adult necks. Cabeau offers a Kids’ Travel Pillow that adapts to their little heads so they can be comfortable as they travel. It is important, when choosing a travel pillow for children, that the interior in non-toxic, as is the case with this choice. Likewise, the best children’s pillows have velcro straps to keep the pillow in place. These should be easy to remove in case of emergency. This pillow also has an easy to clean cover, which may be the most important feature of all.

Best Multi-Function Travel Pillow

Many travelers want all-in-one devices that keep their hands free. Pillows like the CABEAU Memory Foam Travel Pillow with bag will do just that. This pillow is equipped with a side pouch for access to a cell phone or MP3 player. It is also pre-equipped with ear plugs in case the outside world needs to be turned off. The height of the pillow keeps the passenger’s head stabilized, allowing for rest or sleep in any position. Likewise, the memory foam adapts to the passenger’s head for utmost comfort. When not in use, the pillow fits snugly into a compressible travel bag

Best Low Cost Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are functional items that travelers sometimes regrettably forget about until after they need them. Inexpensive pillows can be held in each vehicle for every passenger without taking a big bite of the wallet. The SleepMax Microbead Ultra Soft Travel Neck Pillow is a low cost option that still provides a great deal of comfort. The cover is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin. The pillow is hypoallergenic as well. As an added bonus, this pillow has a snap tab that makes it easy to attach to luggage while on the plane.

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