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The highlight of any wedding ceremony is seeing the bride walk down the aisle, but the cutest moment is when the flower girl and ring bearer make their way down the aisle. There’s just something about seeing kids all dressed up like little grownups that makes everyone smile.

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Lillian Rose Scattered Pearl Ring Pillow, 7-Inch, Ivory

Wilton Graceful Wedding Day Collection Ring Bearer Pillow Wilton Swirl Wedding Day Collection Ring Bearer’s Pillow

The ring bearer plays an important role because on his ornate pillow are the wedding rings. Okay, they may not be the exact rings, because who wants to put all the pressure of making sure the real – deal jewelry doesn’t get lost on a little boy? But even with faux rings tied to the pillow, the ring bearer still holds the symbolic nature of the event.

Bear in Mind

You want the best ring bearer pillow for your wedding, but what exactly qualifies as a best ring bearer pillow? Basically whatever appeals to you and will function as a keepsake from your special day. Still there are a few practical points to take into consideration when making your selection.

  1. Start with size

The size of the pillow should reflect the size of the ring bearer. If he is on the younger side, then a large pillow will be awkward for him to carry. The opposite is also true: A big guy carrying a tiny pillow will appear disproportionate.

Some wedding planners even suggest swapping the pillow out for a stuffed animal, especially if the ring bearer is quite young. He’s more likely to cooperate carrying a teddy bear than a pillow.

  1. Choose a color

If you’re a traditional bride, find a pillow in a shade to match your gown. Ask your bridal shop or seamstress for a fabric swatch to take with you pillow shopping.

If you’re a nontraditional bride, choose a color that suits you, such as matching bridesmaids’ dresses.

  1. Round up rings

Nowadays many ring bearer pillows come equipped with faux rings tied up with a ribbon. If you’re opting for the stuffed animal over the pillow, secure the rings around the animal’s neck with a necklace or ribbon.

  1. Get a handle on it

A recent trend is to attach a handle to the back of the pillow to help the youngest member of the bridal party to do his job. If the pillow comes sans handle, it’s a pretty easy DIY project.

Featured Product

Lillian Rose Scattered Pearl Ring Pillow, 7-Inch, Ivory

This is a classic style that’s not over the top with bling, but yet not so understated to be bland. The ivory satin is accentuated with a slightly darker satin ribbon and an ornate pearl and rhinestone center.


Featured Product

Wilton Graceful Wedding Day Collection Ring Bearer Pillow

This lovely handcrafted pillow mimics the ruching effect popular on wedding gown designs today.


Featured Product

Wilton Swirl Wedding Day Collection Ring Bearer’s Pillow

Swirling details reflect the symbolic nature of the ring bearer’s pillow. The 7×7-inch product weighs less than 6 ounces, so it should easy for boys of any age to carry.


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