Best Ring Bearer Gifts

Everyone in a wedding party agrees to honor the bride and groom as they set off on married life together; however, some members play a bigger role than others. For example, the maid/matron of honor helps the bride with whatever she needs on that day as well as throughout the wedding planning. The best man is also there for moral support, but his top job is to hand over the rings during the ceremony.

Sports Stuff
Unique Uniform
Revved and Ready
Plush “All Star Ring Bearer” Football

Threadrock ‘Ring Security’ (Ring Bearer) Youth T-Shirt M Purple

Ring Bearer’s Gift Boxed Stretch Limousine

Bridesmaids and groomsmen typically are family members and/or close friends who the couple wants to feature in a special role as a thank-you for their support and friendship.

Not every bridal party has a ring bearer and flower girl, but when they are included, the children may not realize the importance they play. Not only do they help introduce the bride, but the ring bearer carries the wedding rings down the aisle…or at least a symbolic facsimile of the rings.

Deciding whether or not to bestow this honor on a young boy is up to the couple. If that’s the choice you make, then take these factors into consideration when deciding who you’d like to be your ring bearer.

• An obvious choice is the bride’s or groom’s son. If that’s not an option, then it’s okay to ask a godson, nephew or other child with whom either the bride or groom is close.

• Is the boy old enough to follow instructions and not panic once all eyes are on him?

• Will he be able to carry the pillow without fidgeting or dropping it?

Gift Ideas

Of course the bride and groom are the stars of the day, but it’s common courtesy for them to thank the individuals in their bridal party. She buys gifts for her bridesmaids, such as earrings or necklaces to wear during the wedding. The same goes for the groom and his groomsmen. Some traditional presents are flasks, pocket knives or money clips. Engraving them with the wedding date is a nice personal touch. However, these are not appropriate gifts for a young boy. What then are some of the best ring bearer gifts? Here are a few ideas that are kid-friendly.

Sports Stuff

Ring Bearer Football

If your ring bearer is an NFL fan, then get him a football in his favorite team’s colors. If you want to stick to a wedding theme, toss him this one with blue-and-white stitched “ring bearer” as a fun reminder of the big day.


Unique Uniform

Threadrock Ring Security (Ring Bearer) Youth T-Shirt

Once the ceremony is completed and his duties have been fulfilled, have the ring bearer change into something more comfortable like this cute t-shirt. It clearly identifies his important role with the announcement that he’s “ring security.”


Revved & Ready

Ring Bearer’s Gift Boxed Stretch Limousine

He may not arrive to the wedding in a stretch limo, so let him play with one afterwards. The metal die cast Lincoln stretch limousine is a collectible model car. Its doors open and close, the sunroof slides and the hood lifts.


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