Best Pregnancy Pillow To Buy

A pregnant woman’s ability to find a sleeping position that is both comfortable and safe is quite challenging. Starting as infants everyone finds a favorite sleeping position and looks forward to that position every night. However, when that 20-year sleep pattern is no longer comfortable or safe, pregnant women are forced to find another sleeping position.

My Favorite Pillow

Sleeping in an uncomfortable position is not an option for pregnant women and not just for the obvious reason that sleep is essential for a healthy body and baby. Pain, shortness of breath, nausea, and heart burn are all regular symptoms of pregnancy. However, when these symptoms show up only at night it is a sure sign that something inside the body is being strained. This strain could result in a major health problem both for the mother and for the baby. For example, swollen legs, feet and arms after waking up in the morning are a sign that circulation was not optimal during the night. This not only results in pain during the day but also shows that some strain in the kidneys occurred inhibiting their ability to eliminate fluids and waste from the body. This where the best pregnancy pillow to buy comes in.

Pregnancy pillows are sewn into odd shapes in order to support a woman’s pregnant body. They range from a very small wedge that is placed under the belly to a full body U-shaped pillow that offers support from head to toe. Identifying the specific support needed from a pillow helps the woman choose a design that offers the best support and the most comfort. Some women go through several pillows before they find the best pregnancy pillow for them.

For those women who prefer to use their regular head pillow, a full body pillow is probably not the best pregnancy pillow for them because they are forced to use the pregnancy pillow for their head. However, some full-body pillows such as the Leachco Back ‘N Belly can be flipped around for use on everything other than the head. Otherwise, a smaller and/or more specialized pillow would be a better option. Those women who have a partner to share the bed with may also develop a disliking toward the U-shaped full body pillows because they tend to be very bulky and take up the majority of the bed. However, the U-shaped pillows do have an advantage in that they do not have to be moved or manipulated whenever the woman wants to turn to the other side.

In general, the smaller pillows that have a curved shape are very versatile and can be used for side sleeping, head and chest elevation, and even for nursing support after the baby is born. These pillows have to be moved with the mother each time she flips over to sleep on the opposite side. The curved shape may also limit the amount of leg support a person gets from the pillow. The smaller pillows usually support only the upper legs and hips, leaving the lower legs unsupported.

Wedge Style For Belly Support

For those women who only need a support for their belly, a simple pregnancy wedge is the cheapest and best pregnancy pillow option. This pillow is very small and easily transported from place to place. It can also be used as a back support while sitting up or while reclining in bed.

Pregnancy pillows range in price from $16 to $100. For the most part, price only depends on the size and versatility of the pillow. The highly specialized pregnancy wedges are the least expensive, while the full-body adjustable pillows are the most expensive.

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