Best Mattress Topper

Mattress topper can serve two purposes depending on the type you purchase.  They can work with your mattress to give extra comfort or help an older mattress feel less lumping.  Or alternatively, they can protect the mattress again spills and accidents that may happen using a waterproof layer.


In the category of mattress toppers to help a bed before more comfortable, memory foam is one of the most commonly used materials.  However, these can be expensive and not suited to everyone so here we are examining the other options available.  These include materials such as cotton or bamboo as well as ones aimed at kids’ beds with waterproof layers often made of polyester.


Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper, Queen

Bamboo is a new idea in bedding and this topper is made from bamboo fibres with hypoallergenic down cluster fibres.  The bamboo helps to regulate your body temperature when in bed and allows the mattress to cool and air to flow.  It is finished with baffle box stitch to stop the filler from moving around and comes in ten different sizes from twin up to split king size and also for cribs.


Cotton toppers can come in either variety; ones designed to add padding to the mattress to make it more comfortable and the ones designed to protect the mattress against moisture.  Thread count is the usual method measuring the cotton though more threads per inch doesn’t always indicate the best material.  It is often easy to clean and can be laundered in the washing machine easily.

Hollander Ultimate 400 Tc Cuddlebed, Queen

This is a 400-thread count cotton topper stitched into sections to avoid the filling from moving around and featuring a 2 ½-inch gusset to give it lift.  It gives total comfort and support with a stretch skirt that on the queen size, for example, can fit up to a 21inch mattress.  It can also be machine washed and dried and can even be spot cleaned with a mild soap.


Wool is another material that historically has been used for toppers and in bedding general due to its heat conductivity.  However, this isn’t always a good thing especially if you tend to run warm and find getting too warm in bed a frequent problem.  On the turn side of this, it can be a great absorber of moisture so if you suffer with perspiration problems, it may be that it can help lengthen the life of your mattress by collecting up the sweat and allowing you to wash it away.


Down is the natural material that is often used in luxury hotels and can be great if you suffer with allergies.  It is good for natural regulation of body temperature and can also absorb moisture well, similarly to wool.  The main downside with them is that they have very particular cleaning requirements and if these aren’t followed correctly, the topper can be ruined.


On a child’s crib, a waterproof mattress topper can significantly lengthen the life of the mattress as accidents are inevitable for little ones.  It can also help them feel less embarrassed if there is an accident because it is simply a case of removing the topper and popping it in the washing machine.  It can take the drama out of a little accident and mean the bed is instantly usable.

American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Crib Toddler Crib Size Fitted Mattress Pad Covers, Natural

This topper measures 28 inches x 52 inches x 9 inches and fits mattresses up to five inches in thickness.  It is finished with elastic all around to make sure it is a snug fit and is machine washable.  It features a top layer of organic cotton, a middle layer of 100% breathable polyester and the bottom layer of waterproof polyester.


Whether for comfort or protection, perhaps for both, a mattress topper is a valuable addition to the bedroom because it can save you having to buy a new mattress.  It can also facilitate a good night’s sleep, which has a positive effect in other areas of your life.  It is less an investment than a new bed but can have the same magic for your rest cycle.

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