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There’s nothing like climbing in between crisp, cool sheets on a hot summer night. The instantaneous cooling sensation helps the body relax and prepare for slumber.

Comforter Sets
Utopia Bedding Full 4pc Bed Sheet Set 100% Cotton – White

Brand New Queen Size Solid Super Soft Plush Mink Blanket Navy Blue

8 Pieces Blue Beige Brown Luxury Stripe Comforter (90″x92″) Bed-in-a-bag Set Queen Size Bedding

The same can be said about slipping between warm flannel sheets on a frigid winter night. The soft fabric retains just the right amount of heat to keep you toasty while you sleep

Outside of bedtime, most people don’t give their sheets much thought until it comes time to buy a new set. Then they look for discount bedding to save a few dollars. While finding something on sale is a good thing, if the sheets, pillowcases and blankets are of low quality, then it’s not much of a savings.

Then again, you don’t have to empty out bank accounts to buy quality. Here’s an overview of the most common fabrics used for bed linens and what kind of bang you’ll get for your buck.

• Cotton

Pure cotton is a fabulous fabric for bedding because it “breathes.” That means air flows through, and as a result, it feels cool to the touch in warm weather and warm to the touch in cool weather. Also, 100% cotton is usually very soft. It generally falls within a mid-range price.

• Cotton blends

When cotton is blended with other materials, such as poplin or polyester, the price drops. Cotton-poplin is usually a very light fabric, which is great in summer. Cotton-polyester doesn’t cool down like 100% cotton, but many people like the fact that it doesn’t wrinkle easily.

• Cotton Sateen and Cotton Percale

Sateen is a special weave of cotton that provides more surface area of the threads, and more surface area means softer fabric. However, a special weave calls for a special price. Percale, on the other hand, isn’t too costly and offers a “crisper” touch that may appeal to summer sleepers who live in hot, humid climates.

• Linen

While not the most affordable option, linen softens with each washing. It also tends to pull heat away from the body, which is why it’s a popular choice in the South.

• Flannel

Just like the cozy flannel shirts you wear in the winter, flannel sheets tend to be soft and cozy, too. Be sure to look for “preshrunk” on the label. If not, then after one wash and dry, the sheets may no longer fit your mattress and they become a waste of money.

Making It Count

Most sheets are measured by thread count, and the higher the count, the more expensive the cost. But just because you’re looking for discount bedding doesn’t mean you have to totally discount comfort. In fact, a high thread count doesn’t automatically equal greater softness.

Think of it this way, a really high count means a tighter weave in the sheet and less breathability. No airflow, means a stiffer material. Some industry experts assert that anything above an 800 thread count is not ideal for bedding.

Rather, the vast majority of sheets boast thread counts between 200 and 300. Bedding in a 300- to 400-count category is more luxurious both in softness and price.

Extra Covers

There are many fabric options available for blankets, too, from fleece to wool, which is good because what provides the most comfort for one person may differ for another. Regardless of personal preference, always check out the care instructions. Can you throw it into the washing machine or is the material dry clean only? Also see if it’s non-allergenic, especially if you or family members suffer from dust allergies or asthma.

Down comforters are wonderfully cozy, but be prepared to pay for the quality. While the initial cash output might seem expensive, these comforters should last for years and years. So if you want to rationalize the purchase, think of all the money you’ll save over time by not having to buy a replacement.

Also, comforter sets that include the comforter, shams, a bed skirt and often some throw pillows might give you more for your money.


Utopia Bedding 4pc Bed Sheet Set 100% Cotton – White

The 100% cotton fabric should help you drift off to a satisfying slumber. At a 200 thread count, the material is breathable, which makes it a year-round bedding choice.



Brand New Queen Size Solid Super Soft Plush Mink Blanket Navy Blue

You’ll feel like a pampered princess when wrapped up in this traditional Korean mink blanket. Measuring in at 78 x 90 inches, there’s enough blanket to cover a queen-sized bed.


Comforter Set

8 Pieces Luxury Stripe Comforter (90″x92″) Bed-in-a-bag Set Queen Size Bedding

Stylish and affordable best describe this 8-piece set that includes: queen-sized comforter, bed skirt, breakfast pillow, 2 shams, 2 Euro shams and one square pillow. The 100% polyester material means easy machine washable care parameters.


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