Best Bed Frames

Walk into any bedroom and what’s the first thing you notice? The bed, of course. After all, it is the largest piece of furniture in the room and the bed’s design usually dictates what other furniture styles will be used as well.

High End
Lifestyle Solutions Wilshire King Size Bed

Coaster Queen Size Sleigh Bed Louis Philippe Style in Black Finish

South Shore Step One Collection Storage Platform Bed, Black

Sure, the comforters and bedding will show off your personality in terms of color or patterns, but don’t forget about the bed frame itself. It may not be as bright as the blankets and pillows, but it adds to the overall look of the room. Whether you go grand with a four-poster construction or stick with clean minimalist lines of a modern design, the best bed frames are the ones that will fit in your room, reflect your personality, and provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Size Matters

Before you head out to a furniture store or start browsing beds online and imagining how various styles will look in your room, there are a few other steps in the bed-buying process to take first, including figuring out measurements. You don’t want to fall in love with a particular bed only to learn that it won’t fit your space.

Here are the standard dimensions (width x length in inches) for various bed sizes:

Twin: 38 x 75

Full: 54 x 75

Queen: 60 x 80

King: 76 x 80

California king: 72 x 84

Depending on the manufacturer, these measurements might vary by an inch or two in width.

The next step in the process is to map out the space.

The rule of thumb is to add at least 4 to 12 inches to the mattress size to accommodate the bed’s head- and footboard. Include another 3 inches for comforters and a generous 24 to 36 inches on each side and at the bottom of the frame as “free space” so you can maneuver around the bed. This will make it much easier to change the sheets.

If you have difficulty visualizing the room, sketch out the floor plan on graph paper or use some kind of temporary marker on the floor to outline the furniture arrangement.


Bed frames come in a variety of materials. Perhaps the most affordable is the basic metal frame, which attaches to most types of headboards. Wood is another popular choice and tends to stand farther off the ground than metal frames. Wooden beds usually have slats running across from one side to the other to support the mattress and box spring.

Another bed type is the platform. These designs have an inset for the mattress, which sits on top of a set of drawers. The platform bed is convenient where space is limited for a dresser and other pieces, such as in smaller children’s rooms.

Adjustable bed frames are those that can be moved up or down, like the a hospital bed.

While we can’t help you take measurements of your space, we can get you started on comparison shopping by highlighting three different styles in different price ranges.

High-End Choice

Wilshire Bed

Here’s a modern twist on the four-poster bed in a rich cappuccino color. The queen-sized mattress sits on top of a slat system with a center rail for added support. The extra high posts keep you from feeling claustrophobic, but aren’t so high that you can’t drape material to provide a sense of privacy and/or décor.


Economic Choice

Coaster Queen Size Sleigh Bed Louis Philippe Style in Black Finish

If you’re not into ornate styling, but want more design aspects than straight lines, then this sleigh style bed should meet your requirements. It’s classic enough to add character to a room, but not overly detailed to deter from other decorative elements.


Budget Choice

South Shore Step One Collection Storage Platform Bed

This minimalist style is big on practicality. If you like a larger border, use a full-sized mattress; however, the frame is large enough to also support a queen-sized mattress; you’ll just have less of a decorative border. Drawers on either side of the frame offer convenient storage without taking up extra space. Choose between black, chocolate, natural maple or pure white finishes, all of which are classic choices that will compliment other design touches.


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