Best Bed Frame Brands

The best bed frame brands on the market produce a range of different types of frames to suit any need.  Whether you are looking for your master bedroom bed, a moveable bed or an adjustable bed, there are plenty of different variations available from some well known brands.  Most all of these beds will accommodate new memory foam mattresses as well as standard mattresses and often the development area of box spring mattresses.

King’s Brand
Handy Living

Adjustable bed frames

Standard bed frames often come in a few pieces and you assemble them in your room, where they remain.  Adjustable beds, however, offer a degree of flexibility and also can be moved around if you find you want the bed in a different room with little trouble.  Some adjustable beds are also ideal for guest rooms as you can put them in place when you need them then fold them up and stack them away using far less room when you don’t.  But they sacrifice nothing of strength and durability to have this convenience factor.

Structure Bed Frames

Structures are a brand of bed frames made by a company called Malouf and are adjustable to cover a range of sizes of mattress.  Many of their models can be used with the heavier box spring mattresses that are becoming popular and has a 1.5 inch centre support bar to help with this.  The frame had four rug roller wheels that means the bed can easily be moved while the wheels also have a locking mechanism to keep them in place when they are where you want them to be.

STRUCTURES by Malouf Heavy Duty 6-Leg LINENSPA Adjustable Metal Bed Frame with Glides Only – (Full, Twin)

This is an adjustable bed that can fit a full sized or twin mattress and has six legs with 3-inch heavy-duty metal reinforced glides to allow ease of movement.  The headboard brackets are universal so any headboard can be added and the gunmetal black matte finish means it can fit into almost any scheme.  It is easy to assemble, with no tools needed to complete the job.

King’s Brand

King’s Brand specialise in folding metal bed frames that can be moved around easily and can even be stored away if not needed at any time.

King’s Brand Heavy Duty Metal Twin, Size Bed Frame With Rug Rollers & Locking Wheels

Strong and durable, this frame is easy to move and has wheels to facilitate this and is simple to adjust.  It features a solid steel frame that most headboards can be added to and can be assembled in just 10 minutes with no additional tools needed.

Handy Living

If your preference is for a wooden frame as opposed to a metal one, Handy Living produce a range of wooden frames that use hardwood as well as solid steel to add strength and durability.

Handy Living Queen Wood Slat Bed Frame

Available in five size options, the wood slat bed frame can be used with traditional mattresses including box springs and memory foam mattresses.  It has a steel frame then 2 inch wood slats to evenly distribute weight and can hold up to 600lbs.  The bed features six legs as well as a central support and can also have 13 inches of under-bed storage.


While the mattress may be the heart of a bed, the frame is the skeleton of it and without a good frame, the mattress cannot work to its full potential.  Getting the right frame for your room is the first step to having the most comfortable bed and then the best night sleep possible.

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