Bedspreads and Comforters

Covering your bed with a beautiful bedspread or comforter serves both to provide warmth at night and an aesthetic design element to the room during the day. Obviously, choosing bedspreads and comforters boils down to personal design tastes. Most likely, you’ll opt for colors that either match or compliment the room’s paint color and pick decorative details, such as prints and patterns, that fit the room’s personality.

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But also think about temperature when making a style selection. If you live in a climate where, even in the coldest months, the nighttime temps are tepid, then a thick, heavy comforter might be too hot and prevent you from sleeping well. On the other end of the spectrum, a thin bedspread on frigid nights won’t offer enough protection from the cold, which also can prohibit a good night’s sleep. Indeed, if you live in areas where there are significant changes from season to season, you may want to purchase different types of covers to match the temperatures.

Keeping It Fresh

Any item that gets heavy use requires regular cleaning, and bedspreads and comforters are no different. The best advice is to read the manufacturer’s suggestions on cleaning methods. For example, some down toppers should be dry cleaned only. If it’s safe to machine wash, but your home machine is too small to handle such a big load, then try a Laundromat. They usually have a few industrial- or commercial-sized washers.

To prolong the life of the covers as well as keep them clean, lifestyle maven Martha Stewart recommends encasing comforters in a cover, much like a sham for pillows. If the covering gets dirty, simply remove it and throw it into the wash.

Also, give your spread or comforter a refresher from time to time. Throw it over a clothesline on a breezy day to air out, especially after a long winter.

And if you switch your bedding according to season, store the unused items in a linen or canvas bag in a dry, cool, dark place to prevent moisture or light from denigrating the material.


Part of keeping top covers clean is regularly caring for your sheets because they have the most contact with your body. The experts at Good Housekeeping (GH) suggest weekly washings. If that sounds like a lot of work, then bathe before bedtime to remove a lot of the dirt and oils from your skin that would otherwise rub off onto the sheets. This practice should give you more time between washings.

Here are a few cleaning tips that will help extend the life of your sheets:

  1. Wash them as a separate load instead of combining with towels or other items. More room means more circulation and cleaner outcomes.
  2. Never bleach. If you want to lighten them up, the GH staff suggests adding 1/4 cup lemon juice to the water. Bonus: A citrusy scent will be pleasing as you lie down to relax.
  3. Shake out sheets before tossing into the dryer to reduce wrinkles.
  4. Air dry on a clothesline whenever convenient.
  5. If sheets come out of the dryer wrinkled, do not iron—the intense heat can damage the fabric fibers. Instead, toss them back into the dryer with a damp towel. The added moisture will help dewrinkle.

Alternative Materials

The above cleaning recommendations are intended for cotton-polyester blends, the most common fabric choice for bedding. For more delicate materials, follow manufacturer instructions as well as these tips:

Silk: Hand wash for at least the first few washings. If possible, air dry, but keep out of direct sunlight, especially dark colors that fade quickly.

Linen: Interestingly, the more linen is washed, the softer it becomes, which is a bonus when you’re talking about bedding. Use a mild detergent and avoid bleach. It’s okay to iron linen sheets.

Bamboo: This natural material requires mild detergents. If you plan to machine-dry, use a low setting.

King Size

Stylemaster Concord Center Motif Woven Bedspread

Add a sophisticated look to your bedroom at a low cost. This burgundy bedspread set will give the space an elegant touch with an intricate hand-woven design. The cotton-polyester blend is machine washable.


Queen Size

3-piece Pewter Grey Solid Plaid Brushed Microfiber Cotton Filled Bedspread Coverlet Set Queen Size

A simple quilted design in a soothing color means this bedspread set will fit in with almost any décor. The quality bushed microfiber cover is cotton filled, so it doubles as an extra blanket for cold nights. The 3-piece set includes 2 pillow shams.


Twin Size

All For You 3-Piece Reversible Bedspread, Coverlet, Quilt Set-blue patchwork print

If your decorating preference is a traditional, homey look, then you’ll love this Americana quilt. Then again, if you want to change the room’s look in a hurry, flip it over and display the small blue flowers on a white background.


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