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Regardless if your someone that is experiencing back pain or one that prefers to sleep on your back this resource is designed to help you. Getting the proper amount of sleep is important for your health and wellness. Without proper sleep, your cognitive abilities suffer, and your levels of stress and anxiety increase. Quality sleep requires appropriate bedding, which is determined by your sleep style. This best pillow for back pain sleepers guide will help you determine the right back support pillow to fit your needs.

A person usually sleeps on her side, stomach or back. Side sleepers need flexible support for the neck and shoulder, and sometimes they need body pillows to align the spine. Stomach sleepers need thin and supportive pillows that do not make the head rise. Back sleepers need support for the head, shoulders and neck. Any pillow with firm edges and a soft middle can work for a back sleeper. If you, or a loved one, are a back sleeper, here is a helpful pillow guide.

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Buckwheat Pillows

One best pillow for back sleepers is the buckwheat pillow. The pillow is called buckwheat because it is stuffed with buckwheat hulls; buckwheat is a fruit closely related to the rhubarb. Buckwheat pillows are well-known for being supportive and adjustable and for having good neck pain relief. Back sleepers are usually satisfied with buckwheat pillows because they do not retain heat, have good air flow and can be adjusted by removing or adding the buckwheat hulls. ComfyComfy offers a reasonably priced buckwheat pillow on

Down Pillows

Down pillows are popular with every kind of sleeper. Down pillows are lightweight, soft and quiet. These pillows are stuffed with the soft plumage found under the feathers of geese and ducks, called down. Down pillows are usually at least 75 percent down and 25 percent feathers. A back support pillow can be molded when filled with down, but the pillow might not offer enough support for some back sleepers. A good brand for down pillows, with a high customer rating, is Marrikas.

Down Alternative Pillows

The down alternative pillow is another great pillow for back pain sleepers. It is similar in characteristics to the down pillow, except the down is replaced by polyester puff or gel fibers. The pillow is still as cuddly and moldable as the down pillow, but it does not present a possible allergy issue. Back sleepers are frequently happy with their down alternative pillows. The only caveat is if the loft is too little or too much. Dobby Weave offers a highly rated down alternative pillow.

Polyester Pillows

The polyester pillow is another back support pillow that might suit every kind of sleeper. These pillows offer average support and are inexpensive, soft, lightweight and huggable. Polyester pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber. Back sleepers usually give good feedback for this type of pillow. If you want to give this pillow a try, the polyester pillow by Slumber Fresh is rated at four stars on

Water Pillows

The last best pillow for back sleepers is the water pillow. This pillow has an interesting concept. The water pillow has an outside polyester fiber surface that supports a 5-quart water capacity. Water
pillows have a great potential for pain relief, and their loft and firmness are highly adjustable. These pillows also have minimal heat retention. Customers often praise these pillows for the support. Back sleepers specifically like the adjustable loft. Two major water pillow brands are Mediflow and Chiroflow.

These are the best pillows for back sleepers. You probably noticed that a few of these pillows also work well for side and stomach sleepers. This is convenient if you want to share your pillow with family members who are different style sleepers. Just remember that the buckwheat pillow is not good for side or stomach sleepers, and polyester and water pillows don’t work well with stomach sleepers. Avoid these combinations, and you should be fine.

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