Chillow Pillow Reviews

Many people spend their nights tossing and turning, flipping their pillows over in an attempt to find the cool side. Whether it is a hot flash, a fever, a muggy summer night, or you just always get warm in your sleep, it can be tough to feel rested when your temperature is constantly waking you up. This is where the Chillow Pillow comes in handy. As the name alludes to, it is a chilled pad that can be slipped inside a pillow case to offer relief to people who get warm overnight. If you face discomfort at night because of your temperature, then this pillow may be just what you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Let’s be honest, at some point, we have all experienced a hot, uncomfortable night. Think about those nights in July after a 95 degree day when there are not enough fans in the world to cool off your bedroom. The Chillow Pillow can offer you a cool oasis so you can get the sleep that you deserve! Are you the type of person who is always kicking off the covers because you just feel too warm when you sleep? It will help you to sleep like a baby all through the night because you will not have the chance to overheat! Not feeling well and trying to break a fever? It’s the pillow that will bring that temp down in record time while making you feel more comfortable so you can get the rest that you need! Definitely a great investment!

Chillow Pillow Reviews
Chillow Pillow is a good choice for staying cool at night.

Anyone can slip an ice pack into their pillow case when they need a blast of cold, but that can be messy, bulky, and uncomfortable. The last thing you want is the ice to melt and soak your pillows, or for the ice pack to be so uncomfortable that you lose even more sleep. That is why we find it amazing.  It is actually made from memory foam that stays cool with the help of Soothe Soft technology. This unique kind of technology allows water to circulate through the pillow continuously, never allowing it to become warm. Many people state that it really does stay cool all night! You will get the coolest, best sleep of your life!

Chillow Cooling Pillow reviews have been mixed, but according to the customers, if you follow the directions, it works great. This truly is a spectacular investment. When you have your pillow, you will be instructed to add water to activate the cooling technology within the pillow. If you are not careful, this can be messy, but take your time and you will do just fine. Also, be sure not to overfill it to prevent any messes or leaking. Chillow Pillow reviews also suggest that you make sure not to allow the Chillow Pillow to wrinkle up and fold over itself. This might make it feel lumpy and uncomfortable, so always be sure to keep the pillow as flat as possible to ensure the maximum amount of comfort. As with any product, there are going to be some people who are not entirely satisfied, but this pillow is a great product as long as it is used correctly.

If you are looking for comfortable coolness at night, look no further. This is the best option out there, and it really works!

Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow Reviews

Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat and kawa means river in Japanese. Originally, Sobakawa pillows were filled with buckwheat hulls that allowed for more air circulation and stayed cooler than traditional pillows. Buckwheat hulls as pillow filling have been used for centuries because buckwheat hulls are extremely durable and soft. Recently, buckwheat pillows  have emerged as a popular item because buckwheat hulls as organic products very rarely trigger allergic reactions or sensitivities. When used as filling for pillows, buckwheat hulls work very well due to the small size of the hulls that allow for the shifting and shaping of the pillows to conform to body parts. Once the pillows are in a supportive position, the weight of the hull filling keeps the pillows in place. Sobakawa pillows can be scrunched, poked and stuffed behind and under body parts that need additional support while still permitting air circulation. Buckwheat hulls are very durable and keep their strength for as long as ten years, which is as long as or longer than the life of any synthetic pillow material.  See what buckwheat hulls look like in your buckwheat pillow by going to Etsy.

Micro bead filling is being used as a well-liked alternative. Micro beads and buckwheat hulls produce a radically different cushion than feathers, polyester fiber or memory foam. Sobakawa pillow reviews find the pillows heavier, less fluffy and too small to support upright positions for reading or watching television because of their small size and their dense characteristic.

Pillows filled with micro beads have become more common and the pillow is available in a wider range of sizes and prices. Originally, the largest sized pillow was only 15 inches long. Today, the pillow comes in standard and queen size as well as the original 15 inch. Many users say the standard and queen size pillows are still smaller than common standard and queen bed pillows. For those who suffer neck pain and stiffness from sleeping positions, this pillow consistently delivers pain relief and results in better sleep. Sleepers who prefer more height to their pillow have great success using it on top of a regular pillow which provides both height and support.

The Sobakawa Pillow has many applications beyond sleeping. The smaller sizes stuff into tote bags and brief cases for traveling or additional lumbar support at the office desk. For people with joint paint from arthritis or injury, it can be tucked under a sore limb keeping it bent for comfort and providing the tiny bit of elevation that will reduce stress on joints. The pillows are ideal for pressure sores because they permit air flow. Many commuters keep a pillow in their car for lumbar support in the driver’s seat. To soothe inflammation, the pillows can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for a temporary cooling compress. Neither the micro bead filling nor the buckwheat hulls should ever be heated in a microwave or regular oven. Sobakawa pillow reviews warn that the pillows are not appropriate for small children or infants due to risk of suffocation or possible escape of stuffing material due to rough treatment from pillow fights or other play. Both the micro beads and the buckwheat hulls could be a choking risk.

Sobakawa Pillow Video Review


CPAP Pillow

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder resulting in breathing pauses or interruptions during sleep due to oxygen deprivation. It is a chronic disorder that prevents needed regenerative sleep and causes daytime drowsiness and extreme fatigue. Common therapy for sleep apnea is a constant positive airway pressure machine or cpap machine plus a cpap pillow.

What is CPAP

A cpap machine is a breathing device in the form of a mask worn over the mouth or nose, or both mouth and nose and are worn during sleep. The cpap machine provides a constant flow of air from a tube affixed to the face mask delivering a medically prescribed amount of oxygen. It is effective in preventing sleep apnea and snoring by insuring that the body receives adequate oxygen to prevent awakening from oxygen shortage.

Unfortunately, cpap devices are unwieldy and uncomfortable for almost all users and some sleepers are unable to go to sleep while wearing the device. The mask over the nose and mouth is held in place by headgear and straps. The headgear and straps in addition to the mask and oxygen feeder tube cause many sleep apnea sufferers to cast the whole assembly aside and continue to suffer sleep deprivation. In most cases, a properly designed sleep apnea pillow will make the difference and permit quality sleep.

Activity during sleep may cause the air delivery tube and mask to shift away from the correct position as the sleeper tosses and turns. Improper positioning of the cpap device will result in poor function, skin irritation or even skin injury and bruising from displaced masks and hoses. Cpap users have found that the use of a cpap pillow supports a more natural sleeping position and maintains proper positioning of the device. Many cpap users are able to use the devices successfully with the use of the cpap pillow and will benefit more from the therapy provided by the device.

Is There A Speciality Designed Pillow For CPAP?

In short, yes! This pillow is designed with specially placed cut-outs to accommodate the tubing and mask so the equipment will not press into side of the face leaving red marks or even blisters. For the side sleeper or stomach sleeper, this type of pillow will determine whether or not the device will actually be successful as far as helping a person suffering from sleep apnea. Not all pillows help all users.

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For individuals with allergies or asthma, the materials used in construction of the pillow are critical. Some manufactures allow returns and some do not. It is a good idea to examine the pillow at the store if possible, give it a sniff test and place the pillow against the cheek to determine if there is any sensitivity. Some users are hyper-sensitive to the odor of some pillows.

Human heads come in many sizes, shapes and weights. The distance from the nose to the ear as well as the design of the cpap machine will determine if the pillow cut-outs are effectively positioned. Some pillows are made with memory foam which works well with small heads that are lighter weight. Memory foam pillows are also somewhat shallow. Large heads that are heavy tend to have more success with deeper pillows with loose filling that retains its own shape as opposed to molding to the body as memory foam does. Some users of the filled pillows are able to remove a bit of filling for a more custom pillow.

Sleep apnea sufferers frequently suffer other ailments that compromise sleep. Temperaments of sleep deprived people are often unpleasant for obvious reasons. It can take time to adjust to the cpap therapy headgear. A good cpap pillow that is properly fitted to both the user and the equipment will make a world of difference in a short time.



Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

Turning down the bed covers and fluffing the pillow comes with high expectations of a good night’s rest. If you’re tossing and turning all night and don’t feel on top of the world by morning, your pillow could be the culprit. Trying to determine what the best pillow for side sleepers is can be daunting however here is a great resource to help you.

The wrong support for your head, neck and shoulders can literally be a pain. Poor sleep patterns in the long term lead to weight gain, gastrointestinal disorders and high blood pressure. In the short term, your neck is throbbing or your arms feel like they’re still asleep. If you haven’t replaced your pillow in the last 18 months, it may no longer be doing its job.

What Are The Pillow Requirements For Side Sleepers?

Sleep experts say that side sleepers get a more comfortable and pain-free rest than either back or stomach sleepers. This position better accommodates the curvature of the spine in three important areas: the lower neck, middle of the back and lower back. Insomnia and back or hip pain also tend to be relieved. The pillow will support the head and neck and the space between the ear and shoulder.

Experts recommend a medium firm support for the neck and back. Putting a small pillow between the legs also removes pressure from the spine. Do some research beforehand so you can navigate through the wide variety of materials and styles in the market today.


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What Are The Best Materials?

The best  are  made from either natural latex, memory foam or buckwheat. Natural latex is hypoallergenic and maintains an even temperature during sleep. It is naturally resistant to pets and maintains its shape for up to five years. Some users report a dislike of the springy texture, extra weight and odor it emits for a brief time. Natural latex is a popular alternative to memory foam because of its consistent support of the neck and shoulders. Price range is $25-$200.

Memory foam pillows are available in both contour and flat versions as a best pillow for side sleepers. It molds to the head and neck well. When considering this type of pillow, look for a low loft version. Higher loft styles may not suit all side sleepers. The most common complaints among users is a chemical gas odor emitted for a period of time. Others feel the pillow becomes too warm during use. Some models are ventilated keep the pillow at a more even temperature. They are expected to last about two-and-a-half years and can range between $12 and $160.

Polyester pillows are inexpensive, but contents can shift over time. Side sleepers may need to scrunch the pillow to maintain loft. They are light and easily cleaned, but don’t have more than an average ability to relieve pain. Pricing ranges from less than $10 up to $65.

Be sure to evaluate them first for comfort and support. Down and down alternatives are not considered as firm as natural latex or memory foam. They can become lumpy in time and often need adjusting or fluffing. Buckwheat pillows are a natural alternative to other materials, especially when allergies are involved. They offer good support, are naturally cool and can relieve muscle pain or a stiff neck.

The top pillow to use is quite a subjective choice. Since it is difficult to evaluate how well a pillow will work for you until you try it, ask your retailer about their return policy. Some stores offer a comfort guarantee for 30 days. If you are not happy, you can return it. A new pillow for side sleepers can make all the difference in the world. Rest well.


Back Support Pillow

Regardless if your someone that is experiencing back pain or one that prefers to sleep on your back this resource is designed to help you. Getting the proper amount of sleep is important for your health and wellness. Without proper sleep, your cognitive abilities suffer, and your levels of stress and anxiety increase. Quality sleep requires appropriate bedding, which is determined by your sleep style. This best pillow for back pain sleepers guide will help you determine the right back support pillow to fit your needs.

A person usually sleeps on her side, stomach or back. Side sleepers need flexible support for the neck and shoulder, and sometimes they need body pillows to align the spine. Stomach sleepers need thin and supportive pillows that do not make the head rise. Back sleepers need support for the head, shoulders and neck. Any pillow with firm edges and a soft middle can work for a back sleeper. If you, or a loved one, are a back sleeper, here is a helpful pillow guide.


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Buckwheat Pillows

One best pillow for back sleepers is the buckwheat pillow. The pillow is called buckwheat because it is stuffed with buckwheat hulls; buckwheat is a fruit closely related to the rhubarb. Buckwheat pillows are well-known for being supportive and adjustable and for having good neck pain relief. Back sleepers are usually satisfied with buckwheat pillows because they do not retain heat, have good air flow and can be adjusted by removing or adding the buckwheat hulls. ComfyComfy offers a reasonably priced buckwheat pillow on

Down Pillows

Down pillows are popular with every kind of sleeper. Down pillows are lightweight, soft and quiet. These pillows are stuffed with the soft plumage found under the feathers of geese and ducks, called down. Down pillows are usually at least 75 percent down and 25 percent feathers. A back support pillow can be molded when filled with down, but the pillow might not offer enough support for some back sleepers. A good brand for down pillows, with a high customer rating, is Marrikas.

Down Alternative Pillows

The down alternative pillow is another great pillow for back pain sleepers. It is similar in characteristics to the down pillow, except the down is replaced by polyester puff or gel fibers. The pillow is still as cuddly and moldable as the down pillow, but it does not present a possible allergy issue. Back sleepers are frequently happy with their down alternative pillows. The only caveat is if the loft is too little or too much. Dobby Weave offers a highly rated down alternative pillow.

Polyester Pillows

The polyester pillow is another back support pillow that might suit every kind of sleeper. These pillows offer average support and are inexpensive, soft, lightweight and huggable. Polyester pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber. Back sleepers usually give good feedback for this type of pillow. If you want to give this pillow a try, the polyester pillow by Slumber Fresh is rated at four stars on

Water Pillows

The last best pillow for back sleepers is the water pillow. This pillow has an interesting concept. The water pillow has an outside polyester fiber surface that supports a 5-quart water capacity. Water pillows have a great potential for pain relief, and their loft and firmness are highly adjustable. These pillows also have minimal heat retention. Customers often praise these pillows for the support. Back sleepers specifically like the adjustable loft. Two major water pillow brands are Mediflow and Chiroflow.

These are the best pillows for back sleepers. You probably noticed that a few of these pillows also work well for side and stomach sleepers. This is convenient if you want to share your pillow with family members who are different style sleepers. Just remember that the buckwheat pillow is not good for side or stomach sleepers, and polyester and water pillows don’t work well with stomach sleepers. Avoid these combinations, and you should be fine.


Best Travel Pillow

Traveling is not easy for anyone. Quite contrarily, travel often leads to body aches and pains that can ruin the entire trip. Having to sit in one place, whether it is a car, plane, or train, can wreak havoc on the neck, head, shoulders, and back. Luckily, there are multiple options to keep a passenger at ease while he or she awaits arrival to the destination.

The best way to combat traveler’s fatigue is finding the best travel pillow for you. These pillows give travelers the comfort they need while on the road. However, not all pillows are created equally. Some are made for those with severe neck pain. Other are made for those with high sensitivity to allergens. Because of the wide variety of needs, the best travel pillow is not the same for every person.

What Is The Best Pillow for Long Flights?

For some, being in the air is like being in jail. They are placed in one position, in one spot, for hours at a time. For many, the best way to get through a flight is to sleep, but how can one sleep while sitting up? Pillows like the Skyrest Travel Pillow rest on the passenger’s lap, letting him or her lean forward as they sleep comfortably.

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Travel Pillow

Best Inflatable Travel Pillow

Inflatable travel pillows are perfect for those who want to have a travel pillow on hand but may not need it at all times. However, with the Travelrest, travelers may find themselves keeping it inflated for constant use. This pillow allows individuals to lean against a soft pillow that is firmly held in place by the car or plane seat rather than the neck. This is a great choice for those who do not like pillows wrapped around their heads.

Best Travel Pillow for Children

As any parent can attest, kids need relaxation too. Unfortunately, many travel pillows are made for adult necks. Cabeau offers a Kids’ Travel Pillow that adapts to their little heads so they can be comfortable as they travel. It is important, when choosing a travel pillow for children, that the interior in non-toxic, as is the case with this choice. Likewise, the best children’s pillows have velcro straps to keep the pillow in place. These should be easy to remove in case of emergency. This pillow also has an easy to clean cover, which may be the most important feature of all.

Best Multi-Function Travel Pillow

Many travelers want all-in-one devices that keep their hands free. Pillows like the CABEAU Memory Foam Travel Pillow with bag will do just that. This pillow is equipped with a side pouch for access to a cell phone or MP3 player. It is also pre-equipped with ear plugs in case the outside world needs to be turned off. The height of the pillow keeps the passenger’s head stabilized, allowing for rest or sleep in any position. Likewise, the memory foam adapts to the passenger’s head for utmost comfort. When not in use, the pillow fits snugly into a compressible travel bag

Best Low Cost Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are functional items that travelers sometimes regrettably forget about until after they need them. Inexpensive pillows can be held in each vehicle for every passenger without taking a big bite of the wallet. The SleepMax Microbead Ultra Soft Travel Neck Pillow is a low cost option that still provides a great deal of comfort. The cover is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin. The pillow is hypoallergenic as well. As an added bonus, this pillow has a snap tab that makes it easy to attach to luggage while on the plane.



Best Pregnancy Pillow To Buy

A pregnant woman’s ability to find a sleeping position that is both comfortable and safe is quite challenging. Starting as infants everyone finds a favorite sleeping position and looks forward to that position every night. However, when that 20-year sleep pattern is no longer comfortable or safe, pregnant women are forced to find another sleeping position.

My Favorite Pillow

Sleeping in an uncomfortable position is not an option for pregnant women and not just for the obvious reason that sleep is essential for a healthy body and baby. Pain, shortness of breath, nausea, and heart burn are all regular symptoms of pregnancy. However, when these symptoms show up only at night it is a sure sign that something inside the body is being strained. This strain could result in a major health problem both for the mother and for the baby. For example, swollen legs, feet and arms after waking up in the morning are a sign that circulation was not optimal during the night. This not only results in pain during the day but also shows that some strain in the kidneys occurred inhibiting their ability to eliminate fluids and waste from the body. This where the best pregnancy pillow to buy comes in.

Pregnancy pillows are sewn into odd shapes in order to support a woman’s pregnant body. They range from a very small wedge that is placed under the belly to a full body U-shaped pillow that offers support from head to toe. Identifying the specific support needed from a pillow helps the woman choose a design that offers the best support and the most comfort. Some women go through several pillows before they find the best pregnancy pillow for them.

Todays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow - Espresso4.2$$
Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Knit Easy on-off Zippered Cover - Heather Gray4.4$$
Sealy Sweet Pea 2-in-1 Maternity and Nursing Pillow, Cappuccino3.7$
Leachco Back 'N Belly Chic4.4$$
Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow4.1$$$
Comfort-U Maternity Pillow4.2$$$
Leachco Snoogle Loop Contoured Fit Body Pillow, Ivory4.2$$
Snoozer Full Body Pillow Hypoallergenic Synthetic Fiber Filler4.3$$

Different Shapes

For those women who prefer to use their regular head pillow, a full body pillow is probably not the best pregnancy pillow for them because they are forced to use the pregnancy pillow for their head. However, some full-body pillows such as the Leachco Back ‘N Belly can be flipped around for use on everything other than the head. Otherwise, a smaller and/or more specialized pillow would be a better option. Those women who have a partner to share the bed with may also develop a disliking toward the U-shaped full body pillows because they tend to be very bulky and take up the majority of the bed. However, the U-shaped pillows do have an advantage in that they do not have to be moved or manipulated whenever the woman wants to turn to the other side.

In general, the smaller pillows that have a curved shape are very versatile and can be used for side sleeping, head and chest elevation, and even for nursing support after the baby is born. These pillows have to be moved with the mother each time she flips over to sleep on the opposite side. The curved shape may also limit the amount of leg support a person gets from the pillow. The smaller pillows usually support only the upper legs and hips, leaving the lower legs unsupported.

Wedge Style For Belly Support

For those women who only need a support for their belly, a simple pregnancy wedge is the cheapest and best pregnancy pillow option. This pillow is very small and easily transported from place to place. It can also be used as a back support while sitting up or while reclining in bed.

Pregnancy pillows range in price from $16 to $100. For the most part, price only depends on the size and versatility of the pillow. The highly specialized pregnancy wedges are the least expensive, while the full-body adjustable pillows are the most expensive.

Watch this YouTube video to see if the Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort might be for you.

Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

A great day begins with a great night of sleep, and the pillow you choose affects the quality of your sleep. The right pillow helps maintain the alignment of your head, neck and shoulders. The ideal height will support your neck and keep it from bending at an unnatural angle. While the wrong pillow is not likely to cause significant problems, it can worsen some discomforts, such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain, numbness in the arms, and breathing difficulties like snoring and wheezing.

To choose a pillow that aligns your head properly, it is important to consider your primary sleep position. The best pillow for stomach sleepers is one that is very thin and nearly flat. BioSense makes a slim-profile pillow that is designed just for you.

Pillow Types

Pillows are filled with many different types of materials, including foam, polyester fiberfill, memory foam, latex, buckwheat hulls, wool/cotton combinations and down/feather combinations. While side and back sleepers need firm support, stomach sleepers should be very soft. Foam, latex, and cotton/wool combinations are all quite firm and so are not the best choices. Down/feather combinations are very soft while still providing some support. Down/feather fill can be moved around within the casing to provide support where you need it and leave other areas flatter for more comfort.


Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow


What The Experts Say

Although most experts agree that down/feather combinations are generally safe for people with allergies, there are synthetic down options for those who are concerned. Cuddledown and Primaloft are two well-known brands of synthetic down fill. Synthetic down is as comfortable as natural down and provides the same level of support. However, synthetic down does not last as long, so pillows will need to be replaced more often.

The Buckwheat Choice

Buckwheat Pillow hull is another option for pillow filling, found in brands such as Sobakawa and Zen Chi. One benefit of this type of pillow is that the firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing buckwheat hulls. Because sleepers can customize the fill of this pillow, it works well for all types of sleepers. The pillows can be heavy and somewhat noisy, due to the shifting of the buckwheat hulls inside the case.

Other Options

Reversible pillows are also available, such as the one offered by Sleep Innovations. These 2-in-1 pillows feature a firm side, usually made of foam or memory foam, which is best for back or side sleepers. The other side is a softer fiberfill, best for stomach sleepers. These pillows are a good choice for people who sleep in different positions and need to alternate the firmness of their pillow.

Some sleepers find it comfortable to place a second pillow under the stomach. In order to keep the spine naturally aligned, this pillow should also be very thin, but firmer than the head pillow. A third pillow under the ankles provides additional spinal support.

Pillow covers are usually made of cotton or a cotton blend. It is a good idea to put the entire pillow in a zippered protector case. These cases are hypoallergenic and waterproof to protect the cover and the fill inside. Zippered protector cases are easy to remove and launder regularly, which lengthens the life of your pillow.

While it is important to consider height, fill, and cover material when choosing your pillow consider the one that is the most comfortable. A pillow that allows your head to rest comfortably and prevents soreness in your neck and shoulders is a good choice. The pillow that lets you sleep deeply and wake refreshed is the best.

Best Pillow For Neck Pain

There are few things as frustrating as a terrible night’s sleep. Tossing and turning throughout the night often results in waking up irritable and exhausted. For others, poor sleep results in more serious health problems, such as neck and back pain. For these sufferers, finding the best pillow for neck pain is crucial to their overall health. It truly can determine how you feel the next day.

So How Are You Sleeping Now?

Before searching for the perfect pillow, ask yourself a few questions. Most importantly, how do you sleep? Do you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or some combination of the three? There are pillows designed specifically for every sleep type, including combination sleepers. Determining how you are positioned during the night determines the type pillow you need.

What Are The Style and Sizes?

In years past, there were only three types of pillows: soft, medium, and firm. The market has evolved and now we have countless options. What type pillow do you prefer? There are water-based pillows, numerous types of foam choices, and traditional fiber pillows. The best way to choose your favorite pillow type is to go to a high end mattress store and try out the different styles. This will help you decide which feels most comfortable to you. Once you’ve decided on the type pillow, you must then decide on the size. This choice should come a little easier; most people have an idea of what size pillow they prefer. The size of your bed also plays a factor in what pillow size you need.

Once you have decided what style and size pillow you are looking for, do your research before making a purchase. Looking at customer reviews online tells you how the pillows worked for others. Exercise caution while reading reviews online; keep in mind that most people who take the time to write customer reviews feel very strongly, one way or another, about the product. Also, consider how personal a pillow is to consumers. The same pillow one customer detests and returns for a refund can be another customer’s answer to prayer.

Our Top Pillow Choices For Neck Pain

Top High-End
Neck Pillow
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Neck Pillow
Top Economy
Neck Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Pillow Note: 

Well known for revolutionizing the mattress industry, Tempur-Pedic also sells their quality foam in pillow form. Priced around $100, most customers claim they are well worth the investment. Tempur-Pedic pillows are made of the highest quality memory foam available and their loyal fans swear by them. Tempur-Pedic mattress and pillows can smell for 90 days. Owning these we’ve found it’s well worth scent discomfort for the benefit, especially once your past the initial “break in” period.

When looking for the perfect pillow to alleviate neck pain, you will encounter many options. The best advice is to the try the pillows first and to read as many customer reviews as possible. Once you’ve found your perfect pillow, enjoy restful nights and pain free days.


Best Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are made of material invented by NASA during the 1960’s space race. NASA developed a polyurethane material that molded to the user’s body then returned to its shape after extended use. This type of feature translated well into making memory foam pillows. These cushions provide superb support for individuals with back and neck pain. Memory foam responds to body heat and pressure by molding itself to the individual, then returning to the original shape when the heat and pressure disappear.

These pillows tend to resist dust mites giving them an advantage over traditional fill pillows. They are hypoallergenic and have anti-microbial features as well. Here is a great source of resources for selecting the best memory foam pillow.


#1 Memory Foam Pillow Pick


What Are The Advantages?

  • Many users say this type of pillow will reduce sleep apnea and snoring. This can be welcome news for a spouse or partner. A normal fill pillow will tilt the head upward and forward. This can close the air passages at the top of the neck. The memory foam fits the shape of the neck. By using a memory foam pillow for this particular health concern, the air passages remain open. This prevents snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Using a Memory Foam Pillow promotes the normal curvature of the spine. While regular contour pillows are preshaped to match the natural curves of the spine and neck, a memory foam pillow has an added advantage. The custom curve that results from the best memory foam pillow cradles the neck and reduces soreness.
  • It alleviates key pressure points. The foam curves around the contours of the body and supports each pressure point equally. Both the curve of the neck and the top of the spine receive evenly distributed support. This will reduce numbness caused by stressed nerve endings that sometimes result from regular fill pillows and ill fitting mattresses.
  • Memory foam pillows provide the consumer an opportunity to try the material prior to purchasing a foam mattress. Foam mattresses represent a significant investment. In addition, the best memory foam pillow will have a longer life than traditional pillows.
  • Those who suffer from allergies will gain considerable relief by switching to a memory foam pillow. Down and feathers provide the perfect hothouse environment for dust mites and other allergens. Memory foam resists mites and allergens.
  • Memory foam pillows will complement a traditional spring mattress. Many users may find they have no need to invest in a new mattress once they have tried a memory foam pillow. New mattresses can be extremely expensive. Frequently, a consumer will obtain all the best benefits of memory foam with just the pillow.

Memory foam pillows come in a wide variety of types and shapes. Which type is best suited to the individual user depends upon his or her needs. The pillows come in the following styles: contour, neck roll, egg crate, V-shaped, wedge shaped and a traditional pillow shape. In addition, the items can come in two types of foam: low density and high density. There is a style to address any health need.

A memory foam pillow is a welcome addition to the bedroom for anyone who suffers from sore necks and aching backs. They pillows promote restful sleep by supporting the neck, head and back. Believers in memory foam pillows will advocate their use as an antidote to everything from snoring and sleep apnea to heartburn. These items are easy to care for. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. These pillows provide the quintessential comfort to reduce aches and pains and produce a good night’s sleep.