Cheap Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are a great way of taking plain bedding and giving it a little colour or personalisation.  They are available in a huge range of colours, textiles and sizes and even some great novelty ones for the kids.  While some can be expensive, especially when made with ultra luxurious materials, there are also great ranges of cheap decorative pillows available.

History of the decorative pillow

The idea of the pillow is an ancient one but the idea of the soft pillow came from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  They stuffed their pillows with reeds, feathers and straw to make them more comfortable and were a sign of the upper class.

Decorative pillows came from this origin and were soon being used around the home by all classes of people.  Typically, when they are put on the bed, they are removed at bedtime because the covers on them aren’t washable or may not be comfortable to sleep on due to their decoration.  Decorative pillows are also found on sofas, chairs and window seats around the home and can act as lumbar support for people with medical conditions.  They also come in handy as somewhere to lie your head for a quick nap.

Types of pillow

There are a few general categories used to describe decorative pillows:


These are pillows that accent some other part of the home décor

Hotel Collection Meridian Grid 20″ Square Throw Pillow Sepia Brown

This is a classy accent pillow that would work in a range of different colour schemes including popular ones such as neutral shades.  It is made from 70% cotton and 30% rayon and is machine washable.


This refers to where they are used, and are often interchangeable with throw or toss pillows

Waverly Imperial Dress Garden Path Decorative Pillow

Made from 100% cotton, this pillow features the classic Wavelery design inspired by Jacobean patterns in shades of vibrant blue and green on a yellow and cream background.  This means there are a range of décor that they can coordinate with and there are also matching accent items available.


These are shaped in humorous shapes, anything from a bird to a banana to a chainsaw and are designed to bring some fun to the room, as well as being very popular with kids

Dena Moroccan Garden Plush Pillow, Bird

This stylish little novelty pillow is shaped like a bird with floral accents pattern and coordinates with the Dena Moroccan range of kids bedding and accessories.

Tent flap

These are the pillow that are at the front of the stack of pillow and is also the term used to describe the flap of fabric at the top of the pillow that folds over the face – it can be loose or tacked down

Lush Decor Lucia Round Decorative Pillows, Ivory, Set of 2

This set includes both the pillows to make a stack and are composed of 100% polyester.  They are finished with hand crafted floral details and made into a circular pattern for a ruffle effect.


These are the large pillows that are designed to be used when sitting on the floor.

Cotton Craft – Agra Ribbed Decorative Floor Pillow – Blue – 24 In

Available in a range of colours, these ribbed floor pillows are made from 70% cotton and 30% viscose with a polyester fill.  The surface of the pillow is made from luxurious rayon for a soft and silky feel.

Lush Decor Lucia Round Decorative Pillows, Ivory, Set of 2

Plain14 inches4.5 / 5$$$
Hotel Collection Meridian Grid 20" Square Throw Pillow Sepia Brown

Plain20 inches sq.4 / 5$$$
Waverly Imperial Dress Garden Path Decorative Pillow

Pattern18 inches sq.5 / 5$$
Cotton Craft - Agra Ribbed Decorative Floor Pillow - Blue - 24 In Square - Other Colors - Green, Spice and Plum - Lustrous Rayon surface - Handwoven by skilled artisans - Comfy 100% Poly fill

Plain24 inches sq.4.6 / 5$
Dena Moroccan Garden Plush Pillow, Bird

Pattern15 x 11 inches5 / 5$