Cheap Beds

Buying your first bed can be a very expensive undertaking and if you are just moving into your home, this kind of expense on top of all the other expenses can be a real nightmare.  The good news is that there are some great beds that can be put together without having to spend a fortune.

BedframeBedsteadStorage Bed

The first thing you need to consider is what size bed you want, but also what size bed can fit into your bedroom.  We all want those massive super king sized beds but they don’t always fit into the room so there’s no point.  A general size guideline is:

  • Classic double – 4ft 6 inches wide
  • King sized – 5ft wide
  • Super King Sized – 6ft wide

It is also recommended that the bed be at least 4-6inches longer than the tallest person that sleeps in it.  This isn’t always something that can be managed if you are particularly tall or your room isn’t that long but where possible, it is another good guideline.

Bed frame

The first part of the bed you need to look at is the bed frame, also known as a divan.  This is the part that you add the mattress to and are generally available in two types: pocket sprung divans and platform top divans.  Of the two, the platform top tend to be the cheaper options and will give a firmer feel.

South Shore Step One Platform Bed with Mouldings, King, Pure Black

This is a platform bed with moulded edges to keep the mattress in place.  It is available in black, white and chocolate colour finishes and doesn’t need a box spring.  The weight capacity is 500lbs and it is made from certified Environmentally Preferred laminated particle panels.

The other main option are bedsteads that use slatted frames made from metal or wood.  They tend to be more decorative with all colours and styles available from pine right up to fancy four-poster beds.  They avoid the need to buy a separate head board and have storage space beneath them.  On the downside, they tend to be more expensive than a frame and will need more self-assembly.

Coaster Fine Furniture 300261q Queen Bed, Dark Brown

This bed features a built-in high and straight headboard as well as a low-profile footboard with exposed tapered feet for support.  It is made in a contemporary style in dark brown faux leather and does require a box spring.

Storage beds

If you are looking at a space saving option or perhaps a bed for a guest room, then storage beds can be a great option.  They can combine the bed with storage and reduce the need for extra furniture in the room.  The two main types are ones with storage drawers beneath them or with an ottoman style bed where the entire bed lifts up and the storage is under the mattress.  The main downside is with the latter of these, which can be weighty and awkward to move or lift.

Prepac Espresso Twin XL /Mates XL Platform Storage Bed (3-drawers)

This bed is made from high quality laminated composite wood with three drawers that run on smooth, metal rollers as well as having built in safety stops to prevent accidents.  It is 41 inches wide, 18.7 inches high and 81.5 inches in depth and does require assembly.

There are also some types of beds that can be very useful but are not necessarily aimed at being slept on every night such as sofa beds and folding beds.  These are ideal for guest rooms and can double up as seating options or fold away to take up little room when not in use.


Choosing the type of mattress you want to add to your chosen bed frame or bedstead is the next big decision.  There are some elements to mattresses as well as the basic composition that can come into the decision making process.

The density of the springs in the mattress is the first factor you will need to decide about.  The actual number of springs isn’t as important as the density of them with the higher the density, the more support that the mattress offers.  Many of these are also padded using man-made polymers or natural fibres such as wool or horsehair but more layers doesn’t always mean that it is better mattress – make sure it is adding to the comfort not merely adding to the list of components.

Convenience factors can also make the decision process if you find two mattresses or more than have the same density.  Mattress handles can be a great asset when you need to move the mattress or turn it.  Most modern mattresses don’t need to be flipped but rotating head to foot can be a help and having handles to do this with makes the job much easier.  A removable mattress cover is also a benefit but if your chosen one doesn’t come with one, they can easily be purchased separately.


Much of the decision about which bed to buy will be dictated by one factor that you have no control over – the size of the room you are putting the bed into.  But even with this measurement set in stone, the choice of beds will still be large and not all of them cost massive amounts of money.  Aim for the best bed you can afford as well as the one that suits your room style best and hopefully it will be serve you well for a long time to come.