Bamboo Pillow Reviews

How can a pillow be made out of bamboo? Bamboo floors? Sure. Bamboo fences? Of course. Bamboo pillows? Hmmm…

Bamboo Bonuses

When conducting bamboo pillow reviews, you come across an encyclopedia of interesting facts about the plant and what it can be converted into, which appears to be a never-ending list of possibilities. There seems to be a new bamboo product announced every month or so. One of the reasons you hear so much about bamboo these days is because of its positive impact on the earth.

  1. Renewable resource

Bamboo is one of the fasting growing plants on the planet. Ask anyone who has planted it as a natural property border and they’ll tell you how quickly it shoots up and out. Also the growth cycle is extremely short in comparison with seasonal crops, so there are multiple harvests in a year, making it an affordable and plentiful resource.

  1. Environmental superstar

Many plants, such as cotton, tax the soil, depleting it of nutrients. Many of these same plants also require pesticides and fertilizers in order to produce quality results. Those chemicals can also negatively affect soil. Bamboo, on the other hand, compliments soil. Because it’s such a hearty specimen, bamboo can grow in a variety of environments without the addition of pesticides or fertilizers. Some proponents believe the root system actually enhances the soil’s health.

  1. Weather or not

Another environmental benefit is that bamboo is highly drought tolerant. Indeed, it does not grow well in marshy conditions.

Bamboo Basics

Even if you agree the plant is an ecological treasure, it’s hard to envision how a woody, fibrous stalk can become a soft, billowy, cushy pillow.

After harvesting, the bamboo fibers are broken down and spun into threads. Those threads can then be woven into cloth, batting, or fiber stuffing. For most bamboo pillows, the stuffing is Memory foam, shredded Memory foam or another more traditional material and the pillow cover is made out of a bamboo fabric. Even just that simple layer of bamboo will deliver noticeable differences in comfort, and here’s why:

  1. Naturally soft

When bamboo is shredded and spun into thread, it becomes extremely soft. Some people have equated its softness factor to that of goose down.

  1. Better breathability

A material “breathes” when it allows air to flow through the weave, and therefore, the fabric is less likely to trap heat and moisture. Bamboo has a very high breathability factor; in fact, it is 10 to 20 times higher than silk or cotton.

  1. Automatic temperature gauge

Because bamboo breathes so well, it keeps you cool (or warm, as the case may be). One of the oft-heard complaints about Memory foam pillows is that they trap heat and prompt the sleeper to break into a sweat. When you cloak the foam with a bamboo pillow cover, the temperature stays in check better and the bamboo naturally wicks moisture away from your skin.

  1. Clean comfort

One of the biggest benefits to bamboo is that it is hypoallergenic and naturally repels bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs. Bamboo also inhibits odors from settling into the fabric.

Sleep Well

When you lay your head down every night onto a soft bamboo pillow that helps you maintain a comfortable temperature and doesn’t induce allergy episodes, then chances are you will sleep more soundly, wake more rested, and that’s good health…and with a clear conscious that you’ve chosen a green product.

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Covered Memory Foam Pillow- Queen – Set of 2

If you want to feel like you’re staying at a high-end resort, then grab these pillows for your bed at home. The 100% shredded Memory Foam filler is supported by the stay cool bamboo cover that’s machine washable and dryer safe. Stuff the pillow into its accompanying case to bring with you on trips.


Bamboo Covered 60″ Full Body Stay Cool Shredded Gel Memory Foam Pillow, Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant,100% Washable with a Luxury Bag by 5 Diamond Collection, Made in USA

Side-sleepers, pregnant women or those who like to snuggle up to something will love this full body pillow. A unique blend of different shredded Memory foams prevents flat spots for continued comfort.